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Mythologik “Across Again” [Single]

A scorching new Heavy Metal band from the blistering heat of Texas, MYTHOLOGIK has released debut single “Across Again.”

Featuring multi-instrumentalist Bryan Eckermann (Solo Artist, Scars of the FleshWings of Abaddon) on all instruments and Joe Gregory (Valkyrie TX) on Vocals. Mixing the Melodic Death Metal tendencies of Eckermann with the 80’s thrash vocals of seasoned veteran Gregory, MYTHOLOGIK are looking to break genre boundaries; bridging dark melodic atmosphere, Thrashing riffs, and Epic symphonic passages with aggressive/soaring vocals, like a Nuclear Assault/Slayer/King Diamond mash-up!

Recorded, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Bryan Eckermann at Bonespill Studios.

Lyrics by Joe Gregory
Music by Bryan Eckermann

Joe Gregory – Vocals
Bryan Eckermann – All Instruments


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