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Mosara released today a new single for Sludge/Doom fans

Phoenix-hailing doom metal band MOSARA is embracing the sludge on their new single, “Amena.” The heavy new track serves as a follow-up to the four-piece’s most recent album, Only The Dead Know Our Secrets, released to critical acclaim last summer. Now, the group has shifted their focus to their upcoming studio album, which will be their third full-length. “Amena” is just a taste of the specific brand of “atavistic doom” that MOSARA has become known for. It is equal parts primal and nuanced, something that separates MOSARA apart from their contemporaries. The trudging “Amena” feels imbued with an intensity that lies just under the surface of the powerful wall of sound that the band has created. 


MOSARA is a Phoenix, Arizona-based doom band, originally formed and active in the early 2000s. In late 2018, the band was reformed by Tony Gallegos, the founding vocalist and guitarist. The new lineup includes guitarist Nikos Mixas from TWINGIANT, bassist Christopher Burns from HEX VOLT, and drummer John Quin from AUTHORITY ZERO. MOSARA’s music combines elements of doom, stoner metal, prog metal, and atmospheric sludge.

In the fall of 2020, MOSARA began recording their first full-length album. The self-titled effort was recorded and mixed without the use of any recording software, resulting in the raw and authentic sound of the finished product. The album was released in May 2021 through Transylvanian Recordings and received praise from several genre-specific outlets. MOSARA’s unique style of  “atavistic doom” was praised as the element that distinguishes them from other bands in the subgenre.

MOSARA followed up their self-titled debut in the summer of 2022. Only The Dead Know Our Secrets, their second studio album, garnered high praise from doom and sludge media sites such as Invisible Oranges, Doomed and Stoned, and Veil of Sound. MOSARA’s latest single, “Amena,” is set to be released this July as a teaser for their upcoming third full-length, which will begin pre-production this fall. 

Tony Gallegos: Vocals, Guitars
Nikos Mixas: Guitars
Christopher Burns: Bass
John Quin: Drums


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