#Mammuthus Imperator

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Band: Mammuthus
Title: Imperator
Label: Independent
Release date:  07 July 2023
Country: New Zealand
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Yeah… This time, I decided to do a review of a band that caught my attention but is outside the “circuit” of musical styles that I usually listen to (and it’s mentioned in my last article #ShortOnes CVXX #UndergroundRecos). Band I think my friend Perrö would like…

Stoner is not a style I listen to regularly, and to be honest, I listen very little, I’ve seen some bands in concerts and some “entered”, others not really, but that’s like everything in life… I know some old bands but very few recent bands, but being curious and always trying to listen to good music, I took a “peek” at this album and…

It was a very good listen, very pleasant, it felt very good, listening to something with rhythm, a cadence that made the body shake and not just the foot, or the head…

The album is divided into seven songs, all of them with very powerful riffs, and with a “weight” that demonstrates that you don’t have to be fast and rough to show weight in the songs.

This New Zealand band shows very good quality and very good hearing, with an average song of four minutes, with a clear voice, a guitar that “pulls out” some heavy and very good riffs, a bass guitar with distortion with a chorus effect (so it seems), which fits very well, the drums, simple, very simple maybe is not the correct way to say it, so I will say effective and “right” for the musical style.

It’s not easy to talk about a style that doesn’t follow, because you can’t “compare” with some band even if is not necessary, I mean to have the bases (despite knowing the roots and what styles they mix) but apart from that… I don’t know much more, except what I mentioned a little above.

This band shows a lot of quality even in the “slower” songs, or I would say even a little (maybe I’m saying it wrong) more chill. I felt my body following the rhythm/cadence/melody of the bass guitar and drums, but always with the expectation of seeing when the heavy distortion of the guitar or the voice entered.

This first album and second release by this band is really worth listening to, as it is of good quality, at least in my opinion.

There were also guests to appear in the voices of two songs on this album. One of them was Mark Mundell of Planet of the Dead on “King Of The Dead”, the fourth song on the album (very good song), and E.J. Thorpe from the band End Boss (bands that I later “scouted”).

Despite not being a band in the style I usually listen to, this band will start to be on my list and I will try to follow the same. 7.5/10 The Key Keeper 666

Note: Personal opinion, but really personal, despite having enjoyed the album in its entirety, the last song on this album for me is the best song of all. I loved the melody, E.J. Thorpe from the band End Boss made an excellent work with her voice.



7.5/10 Victory is possible 
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