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Hello there,

I have a list of things I want to listen to, I think everyone is like that, so nothing special about that. The same list it looks like (it really is) is growing day by day and I notice weeks have already passed and some names staying there in the “MUST LISTEN TO”. Some weeks things are calm, others not really, others just listening to some music to relax as a listener, some weeks… Well, up and down, like everyone else. That is our life… This time I decided to spend my time listening to bands from one label.

Fiadh Productions… A label that moves especially inside the Black Metal and Dungeon Synth music styles, but also releases some Death Metal, Crust, Folk, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Hardcore, Drone, and Punk. Bariann is the person behind it, and until now, from what I heard (they are a lot of releases) Bariann released very good music. Some I like a lot, some are +/-, some are not my cup of tea or not my beach, like we say in my country, but I can listen to, some… Well, I really don’t identify with the music and I don’t listen to it cause I really don’t like it at all.

Well, is everything about musical tastes? Yes, that is my opinion, and we have to respect it. So, moving forward, I will comment here on the majority of the bands, sorry, but the hardcore ones are really not my thing and not the zine style.

Let me start with the split between A Rose Dying in the Rain / Moongazer – Sky of fading lights. Two songs for the first band with almost 20 minutes of Atmospheric Blackgaze Metal. Not bad at all, I can’t talk too much about this music style cause I’m a newbie on it, even if I already saw several bands live and listened to many releases, but, still feel like a newbie. The second band is almost the same way but with the addition of DSBM. Hmmmm… Well, at least did enjoy listening to it, it sounded well.

Felsenmirror – s/t ((co-release with Vita Detestabilis Records for CS, with Vita/Contraszt Records for vinyl) was another surprise, an interesting Blackened Doom Metal with some Sludge or some riffs that sound like some Southern Rock band, with a voice that is not the typical kind of voice used in this music style. But still, the “weight” in the songs and even the different way of singing managed to fit in the Blackened Doom metal style so damn well. They managed to create a very good atmosphere during the entire release. Give them a shot.

Tomb Wizard / Erythrite Throne – – Arcane Sorcery and Foul Black Magic, was another release that I had the pleasure to listen to. Both are moving the same music style but still, you can find differences. Well, if a Metalhead finds differences in Thrash, Death, Black, Heavy Metal, etc, here you will too. Tomb Wizard sounds to me more Epic, more Raw, more necro, more Orc (more rude and direct), Erythrite Throne, on the contrary, sounds more melodic, polished, and ambient, is the Elf race here. Sorry the comparison between the Orc and the Elf, is just for you to have an idea of the differences. Well, if I manage it… Check them.

At the same time, I managed to listen to another band released by this label… Mortsafe – Mournography (co-release with Realm and Ritual) is the third release from one English band, and the beginning of the EP (according to the band/label), sounds like I would listen to some Doom Sludge music. Well, forget it. A mix of styles, some Black Metal, meets Punk that meets some Crust. Musically is not bad, to be honest. The voice, well, is also an instrument and it is mainly in the Crust/Punk way, sounds ok but could be also a mix, like the music. Check them.

Witches Forest – Under the Snow Covered Branches, was another band that I had the pleasure to listen to. This one for the ones that don’t know, is a one-man-Black Metal band from Illinois, USA. Not the first time I listened to this band, but it is the first time for this release. In my opinion, this band, among others (that I will not mention) belongs to the Latest New Wave of USA Black Metal (starting during the COVID era, (this is my idea/thought)) and Native American Black Metal bands. The band managed to remind me of Forgotten Woods, In the Woods… (beginning), and sometimes Fester. Check them.

Had the pleasure to listen to more releases from this label, and I will have much more to listen to, cause this label doesn’t stop. Keep up the good work.

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