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Edition 101, another week, another article, that I love to do, talking about music, listening to, feeling it. Sometimes is hard to put into words what we feel, I mean, what I really feel when and while we are listening to. Of course, I can say, I liked that passage, the riffs, the construction of the songs, the sound production, etc, etc. But the feelings, like pleasure, like calm inside me, the excitement of listening to, the… It is just words, the feelings will never be on screen…

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Band: Genocidal Rites
Title: Exsanguination of the Gods
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Release date: 10 March 2023
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

When I saw the name of the band, I thought that I would listen to some bands sounding like Profanatica, Morbosidad, Proclamation, Weregoat, or Sadomator. Well, I was right. This kind of sound doesn’t bring anything new or any virtuosity playing the instruments. Is just pure devastation. The big deal and the most important… Is if it is good. In this case, it is. So if you are a fan of this kind of music, go for it and listen to.

Band: Gorgonchrist
Title: Fish in a Mountain
Label: Independent
Release date: 10 March 2023
Country: UK
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Hmmm… Even if the album didn’t start so well, cause in my opinion the first song is… Not so good, is better to say this way. Sometimes a good start means a lot, but, in a few cases, is not necessary. The album started to grow in small steps, I admit that, and the mix of Black Metal, with some Crust and Punk, and some Death Metal too, started to please my ears. Even if there are no high moments and the album sounds very primitive and basic, was very good the time I passed listening to the album. I did enjoy it. Give a listen to them.

Band: Grieve
Title: Wolves of the Northern Moon
Label: Werewolf Records
Release date: 31 March 2023
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

They are back. Yes, it’s true. Now a question… Should Black Metal stayed raw, primitive, basic, simple, and mid-tempo, with the cliche phrases and title songs, the dirty sound production, the sick singing way, etc etc etc etc? Well, for some yes, and for some don’t. Tastes. For me, the best way to listen to Black Metal, reminds me of the years when I started to listen to Black Metal. I also admit that I like bands with a different approach and way of playing Black Metal. Grieve is “inside” the first part of the text I wrote and THANK YOU for that. Don’t change it. EVER. If you want some VERY GOOD Black Metal, check their album.

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