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HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the long-awaited debut EP of BLOODY APOSTLES, self-titled Bloody Apostles, on 7″ vinyl format

The story of BLOODY APOSTLES goes back to 1989, when the band got together to make a record with the infamous GG Allin. Unfortunately, it was never finished, and the band soon faded into the mists of time.

Drummer Paul Ledney, of course, had HELLS HEADBANGERS staples PROFANATICA and then HAVOHEJ going, drummer Malcolm Tent went on to play for the also-infamous Antiseen as well as They Hate Us and a solo career, and bassist Brian Zickafoose became a renowned visual artist. Still, BLOODY APOSTLES always felt they had unfinished business, and thus recently joined forces with Murder Junkies vocalist PP Duvay: the circle was complete. Indeed, the band’s self-titled debut EP authentically sounds like it could’ve come from 1989 (or earlier), with a rotten ‘n’ rude style of hardcore punk that the GG Allin would’ve been proud of. No progression, no intellectualism, no punches pulled: in just ten minutes, BLOODY APOSTLES make you feel the darkness of true old-school PUNK, when no scene nor space was safe.

Full tracklisting
Side A: 
1. Essentially Expendable
2. Bye Bye Kathy
3. Major Threat

Side B: 
4. Cop Klan
5. Scorpion
6. I Will Not Cooperate


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