#PrimordialSerpent Adversary of God

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Band: Primordial Serpent
Title: Adversary of God
Label: War Productions
Release Date: 24 March 2023
Country: Canada
Format Reviewed: High quality digital recording

Let me introduce you to a Winnipeg, Manitoba black metal offering from the freezing depths of a lengthy Canadian Winter that is usually had by all, but Primordial Serpent is driven to use all that frigid cold blast force and combine those energies with his own inimitable creativity and razer sharp focus on bringing us his music. Today we are speaking of the album “Adversary of God”.

Geoff Coran is the force behind Primordial Serpent and he brings drive and commitment and I say that because since 2020 when he first started Primordial Serpent, he has done the work on 7 full-length albums. In between the albums, he has brought out numerous singles, EP’s and split albums as well. To give you a glimpse of what this album encompasses, I will quote Geoff’s own words about this album: “…going through my journey into learning about myself through satanism and rejecting the ways of Christianity.” Another portion of the quote alludes to a favorite game that is hinted at in one of the tracks, and the theme of the album overall would be based on rejection, but I’m sure that is not the only theme.

After saying all this, let’s go. Time to hear and feel what is present in this album..

We start with “Intro (Chasm of Hellfire)” as the first track, with a sound bite of infernal screaming played over and over as the background then tribal-inspired drums come in amidst the screams. The pattern of drums and the constant moaning screams are definitely giving the mood of this is a place where the suffering begins and doesn’t end.

Next, “A Conduit of Darkness” whoa, the tremolos play with intense darkness, addictive and hypnotic. Geoff’s vocal is a guttural, deadly combination of prolonged surges of breath, richer and deeper sounding. This track to me screams tremolos and various patterns of guitar work expertly performed.

“Adversary of God” is up next, and I must say I love the title of this track. Geoff touches on something in these words to me, a point of contention and freedom. Starting with an acoustic guitar sound with the background sound of flowing water and then we are summarily dumped into the wild rushing rapids with Geoff’s guttural voice filling our ears. Tone and mood here is fury, with the drums beating out a caustic refrain. Guitars pick up a melodic rhythm, for a brief interlude before the tremolos start hammering again.

Following that is “Harbinger of the Final War”, this one drops down into a brutal infusion of off kilter riffs, and guttural screaming.

The fifth is “Lightbringer”, speed tremolos and matching drum. This track is on fire, following a dark fire trail and waning moon light. Walk at night, in pitch black darkness with this in your ears. Intense. Track ends in an abrupt point and final blast of tremolos.

Now we get to “Dreams of Shattered Crosses”, with something so satisfying in hearing Geoff’s work with the guitars. Every note is thrown at you, inflaming your ears.

A tempo change jumps here, with a speed delivery that again bleeds out to the hammering fret work. That guttural growl vocal sets the tone here.

Finally, we have track seven, “Roads to Destined Death (Adversary Version)”, a solid punch of heavy black metal to begin and the vocal sends it the rest of the way. Midway through we hear a piano/keyboard interlude, seeming to be in a rejected tone, a beautiful but sad tone to it. That continues in the background overlayed with solid tremolos and singing. Guitars open up soon after, becoming more expansive and saturating darkness.

I don’t know when last I enjoyed guitars so much, but “Adversary of God” lays it out there. Guitar rich, and the tone of the album is thought provoking. There are still things to be worked on in the vocals, I’d like to hear the vocals change tempo a little more to give more dynamic energy to the tracks. Check this album, in fact check all of Primordial Serpent’s work. This individual works hard to bring his sound out there. Go find it.

I give this a solid 7.5/10 Metal Marie


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7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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