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I SEE AURA Unveil New Single “Pyramid Sky”

Drawing together metalcore with a progressive and technical twist, I SEE AURA manifest soaring atmospheres while also venturing into the dark and heavy. The new offering, “Pyramid Sky”, unleashes an onslaught of thundering rhythms and djent-stabs accompanied with intense electronics and brutal vocals. 

Vocalist/Bassist Josh Hinch comments “‘Pyramid Sky’ is the conspiracy that the sky is a hologram and that we are experimental specimens of a high extra-terrestrial being. These lyrics talking about the deep roots of life and existence as a whole. It then moves into speaking about the force of nature and survival. We can only change so many things as individuals with a corrupted system that constantly fails.”

Originating from the depths of esoteric philosophy, I SEE AURA pour a fountain of self-actualized understandings into their music. They speak from the depths of this chaotic world with an offering of enlightenment. Hailing from the southern regions of Ontario, Canada, this captivating trio first caught the attention of listeners across North America with the release of their single titled “The Witch Machine”, following their debut self-titled EP in 2020. Since then, the band has been making waves in the local Ontario scene opening for bands such as TEETH, INCITE, and AURAS. This three-piece powerhouse brings a fierce presence to the stage presenting an intense energetic experience for the crowd.

Josh Hinch – Lead Vocals/Bass
Mike VanCouter – Guitar/Vocals
Nick Predhhome – Drums

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Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Cody Weldon

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