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What to expect from this band?
I honestly didn’t know. I grabbed the promo without reading any info that was added. I was discovering…

Honestly, I don’t regret anything at all. It was a very good discovery. As I was listening to this promo and getting into its decadent and heavy sound, I went looking for info about it.

Well, they’ve been doing this since 2011 and in 2013 the band’s first album was released. Balls. Only 10 years later and I know the band… Well, there was still time…

Divided into just 4 songs and an average of almost 10 minutes per song, this band from Poland distills a very dragged Doom in this album with a lot of Sludge mixed. The latter gives extra weight to the songs.

The cadence of Doom and the weight of Sludge are very well mixed, I have to admit that. The voice adds even more weight to the songs. These gentlemen really know what to do and how to mix two sounds, already heavy, falling, and dragged in a very well-achieved way. Congrats on that.

For those who like Sludge or Doom Metal, you will not regret listening to this album. At least this is my opinion.

The cover of the album with its mysterious image and its “dark” content is well chosen for the style and weight that this album has. Cover and album make a very well-achieved and cohesive “team”. A very well-thought-out work to fit the band’s style/music.

As I mentioned above, this very heavy album is divided into four songs, with song number three named “War” being the second heaviest of all. Here the dragged sound, is very heavy, the voice here even stronger and more powerful, riffs that make a very strong bass resonance, make this excellent song, without leaving behind the other two previous songs, not very distant.

Unfortunately, yes it’s true, unfortunately, the last song.
Balls… This is weight almost to the extreme. What an excellent song. It starts with a very powerful riff. Excellent I would say even better. The riff, the cadence, and heavy and brutal beat, the voice, and the bass guitar pull the bass of the notes almost to the maximum. Really good. Undoubtedly the best song on this album.

I’m not devaluing the previous ones, far from it, all the songs on this album make an excellent Sludge Doom Metal album, but this last song… Damn, excellent.

Last words, listen to this album and it’s very fast, and listen to an album that despite being slow is heavy and very heavy. For me, without a doubt. It’s… 9/10 The Key Keeper 666


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9/10 Epic Storm
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