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KZRN Release Horror Inspired Single “Will You Survive”

Adelaide, South Australia based, metalcore trio KZRN (kay-zar-ren) have released their stand-alone, horror inspired single, “Will You Survive” just in time for Halloween!

“”Will You Survive” is our first stand alone single since the EP. With it being themed around the horror genre, it’s allowed us to experiment with a heavier sound and darker vocals. It’s a big step up from the EP, the next level, and I think audiences will recognise and really enjoy what we’ve created.”

Based on a slasher flick, the upcoming track delivers a tale of a murderous villain on a rampage against those who sought to disturb its place of rest. Raging rhythms and aggressive harsh unleash a relentless attack of brutal heaviness. An unceasing momentum runs throughout the track while dissonance emphasises the eerie nature of “Will You Survive”. 

Timely falling on Halloween month, “Will You Survive” is a step up for the trio and may be their heaviest and most chilling release yet. KZRN is best enjoyed loud but beware; keep a look out over your shoulder and watch out for that feeling of cold breath on the back of your neck. 

About KZRN:
Founded by Caiden Crafts and Travis Jones, the duo have a passion for 2000s styled metalcore including the likes of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, AS I LAY DYING, and LAMB OF GOD. With the addition of drummer Rory Amoy, the outfit look to recreate the early noughties sounds in a present day manner.

Caiden Crafts 
Travis Jones 
Rory Amoy


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