#Sarcator 🇸🇪 Alkahest

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Band: Sarcator
Title: Alkahest
Label: Black Lion Records
Release Date: 04 November 2022
Country: Sweden
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Originally planned to be released on 21 October was delayed to 04 November due to manufacturing issues. Does it matter? Well, for the label and band of course it does, it was planned and especially for the label that has things planned, scheduled, etc etc. But…

Like we say in my country, “it is better late than never”… But moving forward and leaving these unfortunate details behind…

Hailing from Sweden, Sarcator plays Blackened Thrash Metal?!?! Hmmmm… To be more honest they sound to me just Thrash Metal with some blast beats here and there, maybe is the cause of why they call themselves that way? Or it is because of the name of the band? The name Sarcator is the fusion of Sarcófago and Kreator… I don’t know that, but for me, they are a Thrash Metal band.

The album is divided into 9 songs with almost of total playing time of 1 hour. Long time since I didn’t listen to a Thrash Metal album so long.

The first one is “Ascend” and what a way to start an album. Fast song and a very strong one too. Good opinions about the quality of the music started to grow.

The second song named “Perdition’s Hand” is way slower than the previous one and reminds me of the old Thrash Metal songs made in the 90s’ with more groove and the riffs still sound strong and heavy as F&%$…

The third song “Grave Maggot Future”, I did enjoy a lot the lyrics, and the music more into the mid-tempo structure fits like a glove on the lyrics. A very good song here.

The fourth song “Dreameater” even if it is an ok song, sounds to me like the band is trying to go to another place and showing that are not only a typical Thrash Metal band. The same applies in my opinion to the following song “The Long Lost”.

The sixth song is named “He Who Comes from the Dark”… Well… How can I say it… Hmm… Even if it is very well played by the members of this band, only managed to grab my attention again, only in the second half of the song, is a bit “forced” the song. Like, “we have this song too, we can’t waste it”, maybe I’m wrong, and probably I’m, but the sensation I had while listening to this song was not the same one I had while listening to the previous ones and my sensation of “I’m going to listen to a very damn good Thrash Metal album” started to going down…

The seventh song “Devil Sun” managed to grab my attention again even if the song is not as strong as the first ones. More related and moves more inside the Thrash Metal groove, with very good details/riffs but, still, is a good song.

The last two songs… Well…

The guys behind Sarcator, are very good musicians, they know to play their instruments very well, they can create good songs (the first half of the album), they can do better in my opinion, but the second half of the album (except “Devil Sun”) is “poor”, doesn’t “fits” with the beginning of the album and my opinion about this album changed a lot. I heard this album several times during this week and many opinion was not changing a bit.

I still say that the band has potential and they can do better and do a very good damn Thrash Metal album and hope they do. But this album, with the 9 songs together is not a good Thrash Metal. If was an EP with 4 or 5 songs, that would be a very good release. Sorry mates, but this is my opinion and I’m here to offend you and your work. This is just my opinion. 6/10 by The Key Keeper 666


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