Wormgod 🇷🇴 Where Old Curses Rest

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Band: Wormgod
Title: Where Old Curses Rest
Label: War Productions / Void Wanderer Productions
Release Date: 14 October 2022
Country: Romania
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Wormgod is a black metal band, beginning with a demo in 2010, a single in 2013 and now their first full-length album soon to be released. Wormgod are a duo, being Vladimir Toma, the talent behind all of the instruments and Octav Necrosis as lead vocals. Both of these individuals bring drive and energy to this album release and since there’s been a stretch of time between their last work, I’m going to listen to what these two have created and highlight what stands out.

Firstly, “My Blood”, charging riff-line established, adding meat with a break down riffs, counter acting drum sets, and a roared style vocal. Change up in speed and mood, slower and heavier feeling. Almost a heavy metal cadence in drum and guitar combinations. Ends in sharper, edgier vocals and demonic drums.

The Blossom of Fear”, some build up tension to start in, then the guitars take on a nearly progressive metal influence. Much smoother sounding, and vocals grab a higher range, mixing with some deeply guttural screams. Tone change up again, those guitars are delivering. An otherworldly echoing fest is set at the close of this track.

“Hunter’s Wake” this track brings all the elements together and serves it up metal. “In Vale”, follows, with a decidedly atmospheric sensibility. Roaring vocals speak to edgier furies present, and the bleeding of melancholic shreds start in.

“Failure’s Reign” tremolos, mid paced delivery and drums kick this off. The guitar is the main draw here, with the various styles being present. Black metal style, progressive, even some hard rock solos. “Olden Crusade” seems to be a continuation of the previous track “Icon of Sin”.

Track Eight “Amorphous Hate”, starts off strong, then seems to veer off, picking back up with some raging vocals and intense drum/tremolo combinations. This song veers a lot, taking in many influences of sound. Of all of the tracks, this one is a traveler. Last track, “Post-self Apocalypse” as a final impression this one takes all of the various sounds that Wormgod have displayed in this album and uses all of the frenzy and energies to send it off to another place. I give 7/10 Metal Marie


War Productions

Void Wanderer Productions

7/10 Victory is possible
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