#BAZUndergroundUpdates CXXXII

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And we are back at it again!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

DISTANT Out now is the official video to the track Human Scum by Distant via Century Media Records! Head over here to check it out!

NEUROT RECORDINGS We continue with the weekly Pay What You Can offer from Neurot Recordings, and this week´s album pick is Trinity by Harvestman! Head over here to claim your copy and simply pay what you can!

BLACK LION RECORDS Just a short reminder that the autumn sale is still going strong over at Black Lion Records offering a 50% discount off your entire order by simply using the code blacklion50! The offer will continue throughout the month of October so head over here for some goodies!

MAUL In just two short months Maul will hit the road for one more run in 2022 and will include such places as the inaugural Banging the Rock fest in Little Rock, AR on December 9th and 10th! Make sure you check out the dates and places they have their shows and secure a ticket near you!

MUQALI 木華黎 How about a little Mongolian-infused extreme metal? Well, over at China’s Pest Productions you can get exactly that with Muqali’s self-titled EP. This record incorporates old-school black and thrash metal with a large helping of punk energy. Check it out here and buy a copy if you should so choose.

HAGETISSE Keeping up with all the musical projects of MdeJong is no easy task. With Hagetisse — and the newly released De verminkte stilte van het zijn he’s channelling some ancient black metal spirits for some suitably intense extreme metal. Not as emotionally brutal as Gnaw Their Tongues (what is?), this undoubtedly packs a big sonic punch. Vinyl copies are almost gone. If you’re lucky, there’ll be time to grab one here, where you can also listen to the album in full.

CAVERNOUS GATE Solo German death/doom project Cavernous Gate has just released its debut full-length Voices From A Fathomless Realm on Prophecy Productions. Citing early Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Entombed and Dismember as influences, you now have an idea what to expect. Check out the album in full here. There are limited double vinyl editions to be had.

DEADBODY Closed Casked Activities have just announced a powerful dose of face-ripping death/sludge metal, in the form of The Requiem — the forthcoming album by LA, California’s Deadbody. Due out on October 28th you can listen to a couple of tasty preview tracks here and pre-order the album, with limited coloured vinyl one of the options.

Having to pay gigantic sums for international postage is a real gear grinder.

While it’s our default setting to link Bandcamp pages in the case of new and pre-releases, we thought it would be helpful to add some online stores that might provide a useful alternative.

So if you see a release you fancy, but it’s being sold in a far off land and you don’t want to fork out on exorbitant shipping, see if any of the links below can remedy the situation.

Dark Essence (Norway) Dark Essence (US)

Deathwish (EU) Deathwish (US)

Direct Merch (Australia)

eOne Heavy (EU) eOne Heavy (UK) eOne Heavy (US)

Ipecac (EU) Ipecac (US)

Metal Odyssey (EU) Metal Odyssey (US)

Napalm Records (Germany)

Prophecy Productions (Germany) Prophecy Productions (US)

Rough Trade (UK) Rough Trade (US)

Season of Mist (EU) Season of Mist (US)

Southern Lord (EU) Southern Lord (US)

Throne Records (World)

Transcending Obscurity (EU) Transcending Obscurity (US)

There is no stopping the artists and labels out there who work hard every week to produce something new for us! Make sure you take advantage of the offers out there and hold those horns high!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Osman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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