#Nordjevel 🇳🇴 Gnavhòl

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Band: Nordjevel
Title: Gnavhòl
Label: Indie Recordings
Release date:  23 September 2022
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Nordjevel… ahh yes, I’m sure this band needs no presentation nowadays, they have built a strong trademark in Black Metal through years. The band’s name means “Devil from the North” in Norwegian, and I couldn’t agree more with that name’s choice; not one, but four devils are the responsibles for “Gnavhòl”, they are:

Doedsadmiral – vocals (the only remaining founder member)
Destructhor – guitars
Dominator – drums
DezeptiCunt – bass

What these guys deliver is strong, pure, fast, unrelenting, evil and clear-produced Black Metal. They were doing all these things before, but for me, this is  an evolved album in their sound. For better of course. Guitars have sharpened their sound, vocals are even more devilish than before, and the skull-crushing feel due to fast and merciless drums have intensified. Yes… not bad at all. In fact, it’s superb. 

There’s no an epic or triumphant feel as Nordjevel showed in their debut album with the majestic closing theme, “Norges sorte himmel”; in “Gnavhòl” they play the darkest Black Metal they have been able to perform, more fast and furious than ever, and Dominator is highly responsible of that. Because he is so damn fast. Let me confess something: I’m here for the drummer. I mean, I reached Nordjevel some time ago because I admire Dominator a lot, he is probably the fastest drummer I know, I love his works in Horde of Hel, Netherbird, Dark Funeral… and I wanted more. And, not only the fastest but also very technical drummer. When I first listened to “Necrogenesis”, the previous full-length by Nordjevel, I was in awe. Oh and I found out that there was Doedsadmiral on vocals too, like in “Döden Nalkas”, the album by Horde of Hel that was my brain worm at that moment… Double win for me!

But not only drums. Guitars are constantly delivering wrathful and sick stuff, some sections of the songs are truly infectious (listen to “Antichrist Flesh” or “Gnawing the Bones” for example, and you’ll understand what I mean), you can feel it as demonic as it’s played… pure satanic sound, my ears weren’t so happy before. And vocals, wow, it seems that Doedsadmiral has developed a more obscure way of letting his voice tear his throat, he is a devil himself, can’t say it enough. 

“Endritual” is the longest track, it runs for 10 minutes, and it’s built in a mid-tempo made of gloom and shadows, and it’s evil enough to let your ears trembling. Lyrics are pure dark poetry (yes, I translated it and when I caught the meaning then I “connected” with the music). The way Doedsadmiral unravels the story, with calm and almost soft but murky speech… Guitar work is simply stunning, playing in a dark and mesmerizing tone, wrapping your senses and leading you with no mercy to the land where demons wander freely, and all around is damned and silent. This song is pure perfection!

The impressive artwork is made by Khaos Diktator Design, who has also done a lot of other great album covers for bands like Nattverd, Endezzma, Sodomisery, Gaerea… to name a few.

To sum up, this is a Black Metal album that deserves a special place in your blackened heart if you are game for a wild and evil ride. It’s a 9,5/10 for me   Sílvia 

Official Website

Official Website

9,5/10 Epic Storm
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