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ASSIMILATOR Video “Like Whispers Singing”

Assimilator, formerly DEATH ON FIRE, is streaming their fourth single “Like Whispers Singing” ahead of the new self-titled album landing on September 16th. The quartet’s brutal sound manifesting through the new incarnation of the band brings a grimier, American thrash edge.

The band comments:

“Quick and dirty and full of serial killer remorse. This is our ballad written through the eyes of a killer. It’s something like Nick Cave and Macabre’s weird offspring would write…maybe. Either way it’s sure to wreck a neck or three”

About the new album:

Unafraid to venture through the void, the self-titled album, Assimilator will release on September 16th, 2022. The old school death metal outfit has undergone a transformation with a new name and image to better suit the new musical direction. Moving away from a bedroom project to a full band set up writing, recording and touring, the time for change seemed apt. Assimilator unearths a monstrous sound producing a listening experience that is raw and intense. “Slave” adheres more closely to the traditional thrash style track, while “A Heart So White” sees the quartet experiment with a more unusual composition style. Tones of anguish and bitterness are evoked through the noisy riffs, fast rhythms and demonic vocals of “In A Hell Of Our Design”. Intricate guitar motifs and leads entwine and develop across the the tracks introducing soaring and progressive elements throughout. The distorted textures of “The Fall”, for example, enhance the atmosphere of the album. “Our Bitter End/Witch Hunter” is an enduring journey through driving instrumentation. Powerful rhythms, elaborate melodies and demonic vocals lead through the abyss; it’s a brutal conclusion.

Hastening the ever imposing gloom, Assimilator are striving further to rip down imposed boundaries and unleash hard-hitting heavy music. Each song carries a distinctive identity appealing to fans across the extreme metal subgenres. Assimilator lays bear the dark and diabolical.

Track List:
1. Slave
2. Burial Hymns
3. The Dying Light
4. In a Hell of Our Own Design
5. A Heart So White
6. Like Whispers Singing
7. Carry Me Home
8. The Fall
9. Our Bitter End/Witch Hunter


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