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Hrafn is the solo project of André Hrafn Bendigtsen (guitars/programming/composer in Where Angels Fall, and emerged with the release of the “Burning Bridges” EP in 2020. After this release, he gathered a funky flock consisting of Unni Bendigtsen (ex The Pricks), Eirin Bendigtsen (Where Angels Fall), Kristian Evjen Svenning (Where Angels Fall, ex Slogstorm), Lady Elisabeth (ex Viking Queen) and Carl Engstrøm (Sarpedon, Elvarhøi). This motley crew brings to the table experience from a vast number of musical genres, including 70’s rock, black metal, folk, stoner rock, 80’s metal and symphonic metal.

Together, they are ready to take on the world with exceptional and original live shows and
honest, in-your-face music!

The concept of Hrafn celebrates everybody who doesn’t fit into the mainstream community.
Their loyal followers are called Ravens and are the miscreants of today’s society. Maybe you
have piercings or tattoos which makes it hard to get that job you want. Maybe you have a
disability or mental disorder that mainstream society doesn’t seem to understand. Or maybe
you’re just…YOU. If so, you are a Raven and a part of the flock – and together, we will unleash this machine that is known as Hrafn upon the world with full force!

On July 8th, 2022, they released their latest single, Ghosts along with a video, and they will
unleash the havoc of Hrafn at their debut concert at Askerock 2022 on August 6th.


**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.