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Band: Endonomos
Title: Endonomos
Label: Argonauta Records
Release date:  26 August 2022
Country: Austria
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Even before listening to a band labeled as Doom/Death Metal, you know what to expect: slow tempos, plenty of riffs, harsh vocals/growls… What Endonomos does is all of that at the highest level. Let me tell you beforehand that I’m not a great Doom Metal enthusiast, I’m more for fast guitar playing and blast beats, more aggression, mostly into Black/Death/Thrash/Speed… even classic Heavy Metal. But, I must admit it: when I decided to go out of my comfort zone and listen to some doom stuff, I was highly surprised. Because I can also enjoy these slow tempos. 

Endonomos is a 4 piece band hailing from Austria, and their debut full-length contains 6 songs that are enveloped in a fantastic cover art, in fact this was the first thing that caught my attention about this album, so first I saw it and then I listened to it. The painting was done by the band’s drummer, Armin Schweiger, who turns out to be an artist/tattooist in Linz known as “todt und deibel ink”.

But let’s go into the music. The soft intro for “Wither and Thrive” (oh those guitars!) is like a minute and a half of a mysterious dream, the tone is perfect, simply perfect. Then, it goes heavier with earworm guitars and powerful slow drums;  but you still must wait until minute 3 to hear THAT voice… damn obscure, deep and cavernous growls that make me shiver! There are also some clean vocals like ghostly chants in the background along this track. What an epic start! 

Sometimes things can go really further away, like in “Barrier”: this song can easily be a devastating journey through desolation. It’s like looking into the abyss all the time: you don’t jump into it but can’t go away from it either. Your ears are mesmerized with the slow and catchy low toned guitars (playing repetitive and kind of simple riffs, but very effective)  and the insane growls that flow along with some clean chants. Yeah, you cannot move and you don’t want to anyway… 

Guitars have a predominant role in “Endonomos”, some of the riffs are really infectious and there are some solos that simply blow my mind, like in “Atropos”, in the second half of the song. After a brief passage of a naked guitar harmonies, then the other guitar joins playing only a bit here and there first (this must be experienced with good headphones in my opinion, and you’ll understand, you’ll feel it). At this point, guitars are speaking very emotionally. And then, when drums enter settling the pace, you can see there’s something serious building there. And the solo that comes next is pure delight: the calm and sadness are gone, and it’s like an explosion, a totally overwhelming burst of rage, more like a storm. I love, love this! It’s pure dark beauty, furious and at the same time soothing…

I think that every song tells a story; tales from the dark side of emotions, which feels great in order to evoke nothingness, frozen landscapes with no light and empty places you can go in order to keep safe and sane. The last track, “Theft”, sounds extremely cold, those guitars again piercing my brain and the deep growls annihilating my senses… 

I was talking the other day to a person about how difficult it is to put into words the emotions that music provokes in us. And when music touches your soul and feeds your dark emotions, it feels so great… Well. Endonomos has done that to me. I give their album 9/10   Sílvia


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9/10 Epic Storm
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