#Cogadh 🇨🇦 Runetongue

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Band: Cogadh
Title: Runetongue
Label: independent
Release date: 7 October 2022
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Cogadh is a Black Metal duo hailing from Canada, playing Black Metal in a way I’m sure classic stuff worshippers will enjoy. Because “Runetongue” is their debut EP, and these two guys know perfectly what they’re doing. Let me introduce these two musicians:

Alex Snape is in charge of vocals and drums.

Ira Lehtovaara plays guitars and bass.

They play traditional Black Metal, but they also incorporate melodies in order to enhance the cold and desolate atmosphere. And if this was their idea, they accomplish it really well.

The first track, “This Familiar Cold” is varied, starting with classic icy-cold Black Metal riffs, and vocals that are really wicked, damn raspy and twisted! Drums do very good work; sometimes they keep up a mid-tempo, sometimes they explode in blast beats, and it feels great feeling all that speed unleashed. There’s a slower section near the end of this song, using some “uoooo-ooooh” clean choruses that give it an epic and very atmospheric feel. I really like what I hear.

The following track, “Eye of Balor” is another great demonstration of what these guys can do: wicked riffs, tortured vocals (some screams turn into sick howls), relentless drums that keep alive the fire from Hell. I like when they set the rhythm into a more mid-paced one, then the epicness intensifies. Again, a slower part when the song is heading to the end, guitar tone is heavy and dark and the last minute is purely melodic, very good.

The two last tracks of this EP are the shortest ones, being “The Three Sons” totally driven by tremolo riffs that in the end turn out to be a bit repetitive. That’s only my impression. And the closing theme is an Immortal cover, “Pure Holocaust”, an accurate choice. Hellish, evil, infamous Black Metal. That’s what this EP is about.

If you want some more info, let me tell you that the amazing cover art was done by Manuel Scapinello, an Italian illustrator (who turns out to be guitar player in Gates of Doom, an Epic Death/Black Metal band). Trying to appreciate all the details of that drawing can take you some time and I think it’s simply fantastic and fits totally the music. And the logo of the band was done by another great artist, Christophe “Lord of the Logos” Szpajdel.

This is a very good debut and I’ll be looking forward to what Cogadh will offer in the future. I give this 7,5/10 Sílvia


7,5/10 Victory is possible
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