#Mimorium 🇫🇮 The Route of Haeresis

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Name: Mimorium
Title: The Route of Haeresis
Label: Spread Evil Productions
Release Date: 12 August 2022
Country: Finland
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

I am back to Finland for this review of Mimorium’s album, “The Route of Haeresis” and my ears are shredded pulp, in all the good ways. Solid work on this their 3rd full-length album coming from 2020’s “Blood of Qayin”, and first album entitled “Incipit Chaos” released in 2018. The band members are seasoned and have ongoing commitments to the bands, Marras, Prospective Reign, and Crimson Dimension (just to name some of the active bands) respectively. We have Vilthor on drums, Kurjimus, guitars, Cavus, on bass, Lord Mimorium also guitars and Vox Malum as vocals. At the onset of Mimorium, there was one member only, Lord Mimorium, who over time, welcomed the participation and talents of the other four current members.

In my reading up on Mimorium’s point of view, with respect to how their music is to be experienced one noted statement jumped out for me, and I quote: “…to honour the golden days of Scandinavian black metal of the 90’s”. This to me signifies their intent to keep that era of black metal alive, and to play it true to those first amazing sounds of black metal from that region. Without further ado, lets get into this album, starting with the first track, “Invocation of the Nameless One”.

This immediately throws you into the realm of fiendish guitar riffs, insane, kamikaze speed drums and an evil, growling vocal that compels and holds your attention. For an opening track, this leaves you in no doubt of the band’s sincerity to bring back that 90’s black metal sound. Following this is “Mirror Dimension”, a slower dissonant beginning, with a heavy, heavy feel in the tone of guitar. Whoa, then its on: those drumsticks alone should be making fire in a campground, with how fast they are being played. Smoking, literally. This track hits hard and meaty, the riffs and grim tone screaming combo of singing. Nothing less to mention is the tremolo treatments. Wow.

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Next, “Liberate the Transcendent Essence”, this track delivers the fire. “Succumb to Nightmares”, up next and this one, those slow-paced tremolos against again, drums that don’t quit. Add in that fiendish, spectacular vocal, and back to the tremolos and drums, in fact all guitars are getting a massive fret work out in this track. It’s fucking awesome. This track speaks to me on many levels.

Track five, “Hand of the Heretic”, stormy atmosphere sounds, thunder booming, with simple acoustic picking of a guitar as the intro. Then, a switch up from the slowly calm to frenetic intense guitar riffing and drums. Fire starting energies here, and that vocal is cold rage whispered chaos. Blistering track, and to follow that is “Her Place in the Shade”, solid, piece of extreme metal blasting and definitive addicting rhythms.

Track seven is “The Route of Haeresis”, the guitars and drum work in this album is a non-stop force of brutal mind pillaging destruction. My hat (if I wore one) would be off for the band members concentrated energies on their musicianship. A mood change is ushered in, to counter balance all of the savage skill of this track, a quiet interlude, brief and introspective. Those riffs, guitars and drums are back very quickly with pulverizing wreckage.

Last track, is “Circle of Serpents”, another blistering, ear ripping, slamming track.

I’ve not enough words to describe all that I heard, but I know that the 90’s Scandinavian black metal sound is well represented in Mimorium. I give 7.5/10 Metal Marie



7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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