#Unholdun 🇫🇷 Unholdun

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Band: Unholdun
Title: Unholdun
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 04 July 2022
Country: France
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

I can be really excited every time I listen to a new Black Metal album for the first time, ‘cause I never know where the music will lead me. I’ve found out that this genre is the most suitable for me lately, and even more: it’s the kind of Metal that speaks directly to my emotions in a way I hardly could imagine before. Mainly, because of the atmosphere that can be created, no other Metal genre brings me into inner journeys as Black Metal can do.

And this EP by Unholdun, wow… it starts in a very promising way! The first track, “Framée”, hits hard from the beginning, with that hypnotic riff and blast beats… and vocals sounding in that anguish and desperate way, ahh these are the kind of vocals I love the most. Then, when the pace slows down, the atmosphere created is more dense and brings me sorrow and painful thoughts. Then the song regains its fast pace and runs towards the end in a frantic way. Great use of cymbals all along the track, let me say! Very very good…

Francisque” has a full speed start, drums are really intense and the guy at vocals seems to be tearing up his throat. It turns out that it’s only one person behind Unholdun, Alexis Chiambretto, who’s in charge of doing vocals, guitars, and bass. And he has Nicolas Muller (from the bands Artefact and Eon) playing drums in a very energetic way. This song contains a brief passage in the middle that gives me goosebumps, only the guitar and some really angsty laments/sobs. That wins me, but not only this, of course; this EP is full of emotion, and lyrics (oh yes, I had to translate it ‘cause I don’t understand French but was curious about it) are dark enough to make me shiver.

Angon” starts in a soft and calm way, a guitar melody that after a minute is joined by some hard hits on drums… but there’s still calm. Then, it seems like the start of an epic journey with a mid-paced tempo and the addition of desperate raspy vocals. And even when the rhythm goes faster, the epicness prevails due to the guitar work. Maybe the drums are a bit high in the mix, but it’s only my appreciation. Anyway, everything can be heard perfectly.

And the last track, “Flamberge”, brings the last wave of anguish and agony to this EP. Some soft choruses are used to increase that sensation, and it really works. Again, dark and death-related lyrics sung by that tortured throat, matching perfectly with the music. Nothing more to add, these four tracks are a good taste of what will come in the future by the hand of Unholdun. No doubt of it. Very promising, and really good!

…Because it’s not about how long an album is: for me, it’s more about how that music reaches to my heart and can move my emotions. I give this 8/10 Sílvia



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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