Ravenous Dusk 🇦🇺 The Dead of Night

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Band: Ravenous Dusk
Title: The Dead of Night
Label: Seance Records
Release date: 31 March 2022
Country: Australia
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

I had a listen, and thought, this intrigues me, and with that, I decided to introduce you all to Ravenous Dusk. I’ve read on their label’s bandcamp that they are DSBM, vampiric, raw as well as atmospheric black metal. I know from what I’d searched about this band, that the members are two: Wraith, aka Nazxul, (as main vocals, guitar and keyboard), and Balam (from Pestilential Shadows) on bass guitar. “The Dead of Night” is their debut demo and this is my first time to hear anything from this duo.

Their sound picks up the 90’s black metal with influences from Emperor, Satyricon and Dissection and is also another way to pinpoint what Ravenous Dusk offers the listener, always remembering that their unique point of view will be what’s front and center in this demo.

Being a part of Blessed Altar Zine is to embrace the underground and bring music out from obscurity and this is also why I wanted to introduce Ravenous Dusk to a metal audience in a broader sense. I’ve found in the time I’ve been reviewing music, is that you can’t ever take a name, genre or look of a band to get a full sense of them, you must hear their music and that’s only when you get a clearer picture of who they are. On that note, I can’t wait to get started on this their first demo, and will share what my ears pick up.

“Tongues of Black Flame”, to start, right away an atmosphere is being created with use of keyboard, and suspense-filling peaks and lows being played in a musical cadence of foreboding. Then, the blistering vocals of Wraith bite in, and the intensity of drums without any brakes, with tremolo guitars racing and ravaging, and thrashing. It’s quite a change up in mood. The vocal sounds like he is death moaning, and cursing at the same time, at this one section, intense and brutal.

“Matriarch of Hell”, discordant tremolo, building and sliding with more of the possessed sounding vocals. Keyboard, piano and gothic organ feather through to play against rampaging riffs and break neck speed drums. Track continues to pulverize and dish out fury and scorn.

“Animam Agere”, is instrumental atmospheres set off with gothic inspired organ affects. Now the foreboding picks up its presence again in the organ, and distant bell-tolling sound effects. Haunting, and puts you in mind of a dark night, with dark purposes.

“Poison Shadow”, ahh these tremolos, and drums together, just keep going. This one to me, has that on the edge sound balanced between despair and rage. Now throw in some killer riffing and keyboards, and bass that keeps the beat of darkness and speed. This track is my standout out one from all of them because it seems to incapulate all that Ravenous Dusk wants to impart to their listeners. This one screams remember us…

I thoroughly enjoyed their sound, and I want only to know that more people are checking them and hearing with their own ears what this band can do. I give 7.5/10 Metal Marie



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