Theandric 🇺🇸 Flight Among the Tombs

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Band: Theandric
Title: Flight Among the Tombs
Label: Independent
Release date: 11 February 2022
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

First thing that came to my mind when I started listening to this EP by Theandric was the feeling of “something familiar”. Of course, these guys play Heavy Metal, highly influenced by traditional stuff and with a high dose of epicness in their music, and talking about vocals… Oh, tell me that you don’t recognize at some points the influences of a well-known vocalist from a well-known UK NWOBHM/Heavy Metal band … I’m not saying that Paolo Tiseo is mimicking Bruce Dickins(-ahemm) … He’s got his own style, it’s only that sometimes his voice brings me to the aforementioned man. And I don’t like doing comparisons, but this is a thing I just had to comment. 

And it’s good! Really good, in my opinion. The EP starts with “Flight Among the Tombs”, a delightful and catchy song opening with a brief bewitching synths passage, and then throwing you into pure Heavy Metal. Drums are solid, guitars play in a classic way, and when it’s time for the lead… wow, it kicks ass! Vocalist sings with a very melodic voice though it has a bit of raspiness that confers him his own identity.

What surprises me a lot is the intro for “The Battle of Sherramuir”, synths playing kind of Scottish tunes like bagpipes… oh well, the lyrics talk about a battle that occurred in Scotland in 1715 so yeah, it makes sense. This song is very catchy, highly addictive! And the bass here sounds very strong, I like it a lot. Guitars have a very clean sound, playing epic riffs and melodies that once they enter your head, you’ll not forget. The vocalist here… nailing it again, yeah. 

“Condemned to Death” enters the realm of Doom/Epic Metal in a majestic way. This song is a lament, only broken by the fantastic guitar solo that brings a bit of light to the sorrowful musical landscape. And “Ozymandias” has an epic and romantic feel, telling again an old story… I really like lyrics that are telling something more than typical or nonsense stuff, and in this case the music that goes with the story matches perfectly. Just close your eyes, listen and enjoy this fantastic song.

Only 4 tracks, damn!, this is too short! If you like what you hear, Theandric released a previous album in 2013, “The Door of Faith”, so if you are still hungry, you know what to do! Aaand… if you are an Iron Maiden fan (not only, but specially), you SHOULD listen to their song “Up the Irons (An Epic Hymn to Iron Maiden)” from 2011, more than 17 minutes of musical delight, a truly masterpiece with bloody hilarious lyrics… check it out! I give this EP 8/10  Sílvia

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8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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