#HadalMaw 🇦🇺 out 31 December 2021

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“A monolith: a towering pillar of death metal and atmosphere that swallows the listener whole” Said Heavy Blog Is Heavy about Hadal Maw, one of Australia’s heaviest, most eccentric and committed death metal acts.

Ever since their inception in 2012, Hadal Maw have moving forward gradually and steadily, developing a solid and loyal fan base. The band have toured consistently on their acclaimed releases “Senium” from 2014, “OLM” from 2017 and “Charlatan” from 2018, supporting acts such as Archspire, Decapitated, Suffocation, Thy Art is Murder, Anaal Nathrakh, The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted and Beyond Creation  as well as breaking into the international touring circuit, playing eleven countries across Europe in 2019 alongside renowned bands Aversions Crown, Psycroptic and Within Destruction.

After seething and conjuring during the Covid-19 lock-downs, Hadal Maw are now set to return with their most vicious material to date, “Oblique Order”. The EP presents four tracks of uncompromising and confronting aural violence whilst also introducing new members Liam Weedall (Dyssidia) and Jarrod Sorbian (Départe). Musically the four track EP delves further in to the more visceral aspect of their sound and composition while maintaining the technical wizardry that the band established on previous releases. The title track features guest vocals from three of Australia’s most accomplished vocalists;  Karina Utomo (High Tension), Luke Frizon (Growth) and Antony Oliver (Descent).



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