Ernte 🇨🇭 Geist und Hexerei

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Band: Ernte
Title: Geist und Hexerei
Label: Vendetta Records
Release Date: 03 December 2021
Country: Switzerland
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

Here I’m again reviewing another promo from the label Vendetta Records and once more a good surprise.

Ernte is a young band that started this year with one single and after the first album. The single is only included in the album.

Even this duo is young as Ernte they are not young in what is related to working inside the underground.

V. Noir creating dark ambient music, photography, painting, and graphic art, and Witch N. playing in the bands Ashtar and Shever. Together they created Ernte.

Even if and according to the promo sheet, V. Noir is the main songwriter, guitar player, and is responsible for recording and programming, Witch N does the vocals, bass, and violin.

Both… Well, they did a good release of pure Helvetic Black Metal. I know some Black Metal bands from Helvetica and the ones I know I love and I try to follow, and from now on… One more band.

They do it differently. They have their own wedge.

The album is divided into eight songs including the intro. And talking about the intro named Prozession that is the best name to describe the beginning of one album cause is the beginning and dedication to Black Metal and…

It is done in such a good way. Dark, obscure, somber and the violin helping a lot with the melancholic melody.

And after… Seven songs with a lot of good riffs, passages from riff to riff or tempo to tempo, a very good voice, and a lot of feelings on the songs. They are felt, they are good and manage to touch, they manage to enter in my ears and the same having pleasure with such good melodies.

The album is a good journey into the world of Black Metal full of good riffs, good songs, and a very good way to know what is done in Switzerland.

But… There is one thing that is “lacking” in quality. It’s well done, well achieved, but…
Explaining, and beware, I’m not a purist or a trve. The drums. As I said, they are well done, well achieved, and saying now, well-programmed, but the sound of it. That is my “problem”. I know a lot of bands that the drum is programmed but the sound is different, not so “plastic”. Not saying that it is a plastic sound, just giving the explanation.

That is the only thing I have “against” this album, not the drum being programmed, but the sound of the same.

I will not stop listening to this album cause of that, that is sure, and I can and I will advise this album to several persons, but, the sound of the programmed drum would be mentioned. Sorry about that. But always the truth.
8/10 The key Keeper 666



8/10 To greatness and glory!
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