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“Dies Irae is the new enchanting offering from JOAN AVANT. Based out of Dallas, Texas, JOAN transcends genre boundaries writing classically inspired music with an experimental, heavy edge. Following her 2019 debut “Drown Ophelia”, the new release is louder, nastier, and darker.

“This album really melds a world of fantasy Victoriana with symphonic hard rock. I can’t wait to share it.”  

JOAN AVANT’s musical venture began in childhood with classical training. Having become frustrated by the limitations of classical music and drawn to the artistic freedom of rock and metal music, she fused the two elements into her self-titled rock act. JOAN draws upon Victorian Gothic and fantasy themes, and is inspired by an eclectic ensemble of artists ranging from PHILIP GLASS, to EPICA and JOAN JETT. Travel back in time through Dies Irae to late Nineteenth-Century France and enjoy the acrobatic thrills of “Cirque Fernando”. Explore the dark side of high society’s delights with “Courtesan”, and step into a gothic novel through “Keys to the Castle”.  

JOAN delivers haunting vocals, ethereal harmonies and dynamic guitars to create an enchanting combination of sounds and musical textures. Intense lyrics delve into the underworld of Victorian society, revealing the dark and macabre elements lurking beneath a moral façade.

JOAN AVANT: All instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano, synths/programming, violin), vocals, and mixing.



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