Pyromancy 🇮🇹 – From the Source

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Band: Pyromancy
Title: From the Source
Label: War Productions
Release Date: 03 December 2021
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: High-quality digital recording

I’ve been very lucky to say, that I am hearing brand new music from an underground band that doesn’t have any social media. I can’t tell you their names, or anything, but, Pyromancy have their first ever debut demo, soon to be out on December 3, 2021, and we are the site that have first chance to review their demo, under the War Productions label. In this review I’m going to let their music speak for them, so be prepared from some black metal and crust.

It’s a Nine track demo, so you will definitely get more than a hint of what this band is about, which in my mind is awesome. What better way for an underground band to introduce themselves than with a lengthy demo. Let’s get started.

“Channeling the Open Blaze”, as an intro, begins in a technical sound, booming and echoey. Whispered/growled singing to go with the now sinister sounding influences. Sounds like a pit from hell, to my mind, burning and unrepentant.

“Inverted Creation”, definitely hear the crust influence with the tempo of the guitars and drums. It’s catchy and the rhythm gets into your head. The punk influence is very influential in this track.

“BlackSky Pyre”, this one jumps off into a pounding of drums, and the guitars are counterpoint. From the title of the song, it has a more of a black metal mood, but the crust and black metal combo works very well together.

“Aeon Eclipse, Sacrifice”, This track is a journey on black metal inspired vocals and the punk inspiration. Both together are paired off and keep the track on fire.

Breathing Sparks”, another foray into a technical sounding, looming hell. An instrumental piece filled with foreboding in mood.

“Kill, Murder, Bloodshed”, begins in a guttural scream, seemingly cut off. To rampaging guitar riffing and frenetic drums.

“Cosmic Hell”, the rhythm established is very catchy. Definitely, one that will keep you headbanging. I see a crowded venue, and everyone losing their minds to the riffing and melodies of this track.

“Torching the Horned Victory”, to me this one is similar to the previous tracks, still very good, and very easy to get into.

“Channeling the Closing Blaze”, this brings you back to that hell, with the echoey demonic vocals. Seriously sets a mood for what that soundtrack might be. With the sound of fire, a constant burning being brought back to close out the demo.

This is black metal and crust, with the right mixing of the two influences. In my mind, I see a venue, small, and packed with people, all ready to enjoy a night of excellent guitar riffs and drums, and vocals that keep that rhythm alive.

I give a 7.5 out of 10. Metal Marie


7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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