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Hello there,

Like all weeks we got many promos and unfortunately, we can’t review all (sorry), but we try our best.
And it’s hard for us to listen to all of course, so we try our best as I said. This week was another “fight” to be honest. Was playing on my car, stereo, cell (even if I don’t like too much) many bands. Trying to stay updated. Very hard. Anyway… I choose the following bands… Hope you enjoy it.

Band: Murderworker
Title: Where The Scum Becomes Dinner
Label: Base Record Production
Release date: November 2021
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Got the promo directly from the band (I had the pleasure to review) (here), like It happened when they released the first album back in 2018. Between this latest album and the first album, was released an EP that I only had the info when I checked info again about this band. Ups… So let me start… The first thing that I notice about this album… Much more mature, strong, cohesive, solid. The production is more “clean”, the sound more balanced, the songs still heavy but with a bit more melody. The band still playing the OSSDM and they do it very well. This album, at least in my opinion is better than the previous one for all the things I mention above. If you are a fan of Entombed (old), Dismember, Centinex, Entrails, Carnage, etc. This is for you.

Band: Verminoth
Title: Primordial Tomb
Label: Independent
Release date: 08 October 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Bum… Yes, the wormhole is open and the Verminoth (hope you will get my words here). Very good Death Metal from the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Not so fast, but not so traditional. A strong voice, a good sound production (I can understand all instruments) a very good drum work, with a lot of details, sometimes some piggy voices, some riffs that looks to me (my opinion) some jump jump Death Metal (Deathcore) but even with that, this album is good and I enjoyed listening to. Check them.

Band: Slog
Title: Graves
Label: Morbid and Miserable Records / Transylvanian Recordings
Release date: 17 December 2021
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The first release from this band, from what I could find, and what an album. For me it is. If you are into Death Doom Metal, this is for you. Sometimes more Death, sometimes more Doom, but in both or mixed styles, this is so good. The songs are strong, with a good composition, the atmosphere on the songs, the weight, the voice, the cadence in the guitars, and on the drum. Not a masterpiece… But very near, Check them and let me know your opinion.

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