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As Winter starts to show its face, January looms closely around the corner, and the year is thrown into reflection. An appropriate soundtrack to the contemplation these times bring is this 2021 single from alternative, Gothic artist Mordian.

‘January Moon’ follows her debut EP ‘Romance in Disguise’ which was released in May 2019 and contains three distinctive sections which explore contrasting moods and atmospheres. Opening with serene entwining of vocal harmonies and clean guitar chords, this section has a personal feel with a strong uplifting atmosphere.

Soulful vocals produce a beautiful sound before thundering into heavily distorted metal instrumentation and melodic elements. Emerging from the depths, the concluding passage brings a delicate melody performed on classical guitar with a haunting spoken narrative.

Journeying through intense moods, the distinctive musical style of each part delivers its own powerful impact. Mordian’s overarching Gothic themes and ethereal sounds are certain to evoke a whole world of feelings within.

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