MurderWorker – Where Scream Becomes Silence

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Band: MurderWorker
Title: Where Scream Becomes Silence
Label: Base Record Production
Release date: 01 September 2018
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: CD

MurderWorker is from Sevilla, Spain and the “Where Scream Becomes Silence” is the first album.
Did they were inspired by the name of the documentary (The Murder Workers) for the band name? I do not know, maybe.
MurderWorker at this moment is only a 3 piece band but when the album was released they were 4.

So, those 4 Spanish minds made a Death Metal album…
What they bring to my ears, its nothing new and they didn’t invent any new music style, they only play good Death Metal.
Inside this new wave of old school Death Metal with the HM-2 pedals sound and with many bands doing that, MurderWorker could be just one more…

Well, from all the bands I heard these last years, MurderWorker it’s not. They have quality, they are not majestic or superb, they just do it correctly.

Good cadence on the songs, good production (Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Neburzone Prod.), good vocals, good riffs, make this album an good hearing. The names of the songs, it looks that the band has the themes of Gore, Horror, Murder as inspiration. Sadly I couldn’t read them, because the Cd that I got doesn’t have them.

I like the cover of the album and it was made by Luis Sendon from the Grindcore band Nashgul, and it fits very well in the bands style and with the name’s album. Approved.
The album in an all, it’s a good one, not a masterpiece, it has is good moments as an example the “Petrification” song with the mid-tempo rhythms and the leads I found there. In the song “Eternal Hate” which is a faster one, with good riffs and with good vocals games.
The song “Killing, Rotting, Eating…” which does the mix of the mid-tempo rhythms with the faster ones, very good.

But it also has some songs not so good, sometimes it seems to look that they were not in a moment of inspiration and the riffs were not so good and they did not fill my ears. But the band is the beginning and I know that they will do better since the guys behind MurderWorker are no newbies in the Spanish metal (Dying, Extreme Masturbation, Devil In You). I hope that will happen asap and when that time arrives… I would like to listen again. 7/10 The Key Keeper

Note: Thanks a LOT to the band for the CD. Thanks for the trust in BAZ.



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