IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in September 2018

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Another month passed and again we challenged ourselves to present you our Top 5 of the most played records for September 2018. September was abundant of fantastic new releases, some of them we have already covered here, and hopefully, we drew your attention. However, we can’t stop listen to music and there are plenty of old and new stuff which just help us through the days.

Yes, we won’t stop saying that we do love the music, the underground, the vinyls. That’s why we are eager to present to you what’s been with us besides all the fantastic bands and albums which we reviewed and interviewed here.

You may click on the pictures below in order to view directly BAZ members’ Top 5, or simply go through every page of this material (very bottom on every member list).  Enjoy our “IN ROTATION” selection for September! And by the way, what’s yours?

Click here to see Emil’s list
Click here to see The Key Kepper’s list
Click here to see K-Man’s list
Click here to see Jordan’s list
Click here to see Count Vlad’s list
Click here to see EldritchofDeath list
Click here to see Mo’s list

If you still haven’t checked our August most played lists, you can always do it here

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