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Hello there,

And… Well… Another week is gone… Yes… And I’m getting older. Ahahahahahah.
I never thought too much about this theme and to be honest, I think I will never think too much about it. I’m just trying to live my life the best I can. Thankfully I have my beloved music. For today I decided to talk about just one band. A very recent band to be honest. They started in 2020 and till today one album and one EP have already been released.

And… On 01 October of this year, a new album will be released even if I already found info that the album will be released in the last day of September, so I decided to put the info taken from the band’s Bandcamp.

Hope you can enjoy my choice for today.

Band: Gloosh
Country: Russia

About Gloosh… The band describes itself as “Handcrafted Black Metal from the wilderness of Siberia” well… It’s a different way to call their own music. And maybe a bit more personal. That is my idea.

The band, for the ones that don’t know it, plays Atmospheric Black Metal. A good one. I had the pleasure to review the previous releases and I sincerely hope that I can review the future album.

You can check my reviews.
The album “Timewheel” and the EP “The River”. Just click on the link.
Read my words and of course, the most import listen to their music.

George Gabrielyan is the person behind the band and if he recorded everything on the album “Timewheel”, but on the second release, the EP “The River” he decided to have a guest drummer and it was performed by Vladimir Udarnov (Lautreamont and Debri). Well, the formula didn’t change (and why change it if it works???) and in the future album named “Sylvan Coven”, Vladimir Udarnov is there again recording the drums.

But, the future album will also have more guests. Guest female vocals on “Hexenring” (Not available yet to listen to) track performed by Jenora Demiurge and Fel. I didn’t found any place with info about these two persons. But I’m curious about and see if it works and how the song will sound.

But why (if you thought about it) I’m giving this reco, just about one band, and an Atmospheric Black Metal? There a ton of bands playing this music style out there. Well… The answer is quite simple. I LOVE the band. And in my humble opinion, the band is very good at playing the subgenre mentioned above. There are many other bands better than Gloosh? Well, yes. And? If the band is good why I shouldn’t have the chance to help the same and write some lines and telling what I think about it?

It’s also true that I can’t be in all places and support or write some words about all the bands I like or love. I’m not a robot and unfortunately, I don’t have time for doing it, even if some persons think I should or have. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for all, and there are a ton of bands out there that I will never know or have time to listen to. But that is another talk, so let me stay with Gloosh and today’s article.

Return a bit back and the future album named “Sylvan Coven”. There is already one single out there. I already had the chance to listen to it. The music is in the same way as the previous songs if different releases but, It has a bit of folk spirit or rhythm here and there.

It sounds interesting, good, in the same way of the previous songs like I said but at the same time, it looks different and maybe in a new direction? Well… I can’t tell that cause is just one song and for that, I need to listen to the complete work.

My final words…
Listen to the previous releases and then.. The new single for the upcoming album.


The Key Keeper 666

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