Gloosh – The River

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Band: Gloosh
Title: The River
Label: Independent
Release date: 03 July 2020
Country: Russia
Format reviewed: Digital Download

I had the pleasure to review the previous work from this one-man band from Russia (here) and when I got the not that a new release was available I went immediately to Bandcamp listening. And…

If you know this band and the previous release you will not regret this new one. It’s in the same line and in my opinion, is the continuation of the “Timewheel” and after checking I was right.

Divided in only four songs this EP has the running time of almost 26 minutes… And once again the cover was made by the amazing artist Taya Rostovtseva. You need to check it.

“Ручьи (Rivulets)” the first song is a kind of Intro that starts with water and bird sounds and then keys starting to appear creating a so damn good atmosphere… It’s like a passage for is coming…

“Исток (The Source)” the second song of this EP starts with an acoustic guitar and slowly the electric guitar is appearing till that everything is together and the first riff, a simple one but with a lot of quality. The voice, like in the previous release is so good and it fits perfectly in the music. During the song, you will notice some acoustic guitar here and there and it gives an ambiance so good to the song. And… Almost on the 7min running time, the acoustic guitar is back at full, like at the beginning of the song together with the keys… It’s like a bridge to the following song…

“Устье (The Estuary)” starts to play and comparing to the previous song is more “balanced”, slower, melodic. The acoustic guitar keeps showing here and there. The addition of it, on the song, is very well achieved. Almost in the middle of the song, turns a bit the direction and some funeral doom appear together with the keys giving a very dark feeling. Step by step the Black Metal is coming back but mixed…

“Камни (Stones)” the last song of this EP is a perfect song of Ambient music. It’s the perfect way to end this release.

You need to check this band if you don’t know them, if you already know, check this new release. Additional info, the CD and Tshirt is already in Pre-order. Support them. 8/10 The Key Keeper


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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