Gloosh – Timewheel

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Band: Gloosh
Title: Timewheel
Label: Independent
Release date: 29 February 2020
Country: Russia
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

The name “Gloosh” is a transliteration of the Russian word “Глушь” (alternate spelling), which is translated into English as “backwoods” or “wilderness”. The CD format (Digipack) and digital format is released by the band and in the summer of this year will be released in vinyl by Casus Belli Musica and Beverina

This one-man band named George Gabrielyan that also plays in Eoront, Frozenwoods and was also in Innmorke, Below the Sun, Breath of Beherith or Siberian Frost brings us the first album of Gloosh. Looking for the past of this musician you can think that is related to Black Metal or Doom or even Death Metal.

But, looking to the cover (That I love and made by Taya Rostovtseva)(And I manage to see the complete artwork. So beautiful), logo, and name of the album you know what you can expect. And the answer you already know. Right? 

Yes, it’s Black Metal. This album is that kind of album that “grab” you and transmit to you a cold/pleasant feeling.
Strange but it is. At least was what I felt.

Divided into 6 well structured and very well produced songs, that can be fast, mid-tempo or slow Black Metal, nothing different here, till now, but is the riffs, the leads, the atmosphere, the chants, that sometimes appears that makes this album a very good one.

The songs are in the “classical” Black Metal form but with Atmospheric roots and dedicated to mother nature and all “her” changes. If you like Drudkh (beginning) you will also love this band. 

Songs like “Clouds”, “Groza” or “Timewheel” are the songs that in my opinion can transmit better that feeling but for me, the best song in this açbum is the last one named “Mokh”. It is the “slower” one, the most atmospheric one, the darker one. This album must be listened to by all Black Metal lovers. But I must admit one thing. Even if I heard so many times this album and I felt so good listening to it, I can’t find the correct words/feelings description, and I hate when that happens.

Final notes… I can’t stop listening to this album and every time I’m listening to, I found more details in the songs, those details are amazing. Those details make this make one of the favourites Black Metal albums released in February but still can find the correct words to describe except this cliché phrase. “very good album and I love the feeling/atmosphere around it”. 8/10 The Key Keeper


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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