Dawn of Ouroboros – The Art of Morphology

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Band: Dawn of Ouroboros
Title: The Art of Morphology
Label: Naturmacht Productions / Rain Without End Records
Release date: 30 March 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

From all the information I can gather I believe the band I picked this week is released their debut album at the end of this month, and let me be the one to tell you that it is a sweet sound to a sore ear…or something. In the time of chaos in the world right now we must still allow us to find something to smile about, don’t we?

Dawn of Ouroboros released the single Sorrow´s Eclipse” just last year, and now in March it is finally time to hear the rest of the album, “The Art of Morphology”. The name caught me as enchanting, there is a certain thought of art behind it and the artwork is just mesmerizing. So far so good I thought.

The eight-track album opens up in an ambient and rainy way; chimes of drums join in as the guitars take on a further filling and female vocals adds to the atmosphere. You find that it is blackened metal with brute force before long but with an elegant fuse of melodic sounds. From the opening sound of Revivified Spirits to the almost jazzy feel of Pinnacle Induced Vertigo” I was pleasantly surprised so far, it’s easy listening style for black metal and Gateway to Tenebrosity” is no exception with its nicely performed piano play. It’s like taken out of a movie. The balance it brings to the album is a strategic play on behalf of the band. Well played.

The beauty continues as the track transitions to Lunar Cathexis” but do not be fooled. The metal will take over with incredible heaviness and performance to fit. It is unlike the first tracks in different ways, a recognized tone of guitar on top of the chorus distinguishes this track in its own way, and both male and female vocals work together to create desperation that the track brings. There is slight showmanship based in Spiral of Hypnotism” in a certain way, but given that the track is over seven minutes long there has to be something on there to keep the listener interested. It does have something for everyone; ridiculously fast double bass, beautiful angelic voice, groovy riffs, filling of positive vibe and mixing of minor and major, it’s all there. And it is all impressive.

It appears as if this group can’t go wrong with this formula. The female parts of these tracks remind me of the music Devin Townsend has produced through the years, and the bass player deserves a praise for his part during the more slower segments on tracks such as Sorrow´s Eclipse” and the mix of different musical genres and styles that are performed with such ease are so very impressive. The final track, Valiant Abscond” is almost too fitting for ending credits. As an instrumental it is mid-paced and sounds very grand; mixed with the menacing and heavy guitars and drums it is a real treat for the ear.

This album is a surprise. It hit most of my sweet spots and all I can really say is that I recommend you give it a go. 9/10 Julia Katrin




9/10 Epic Storm
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