Thy Kingdom Will Burn – Thy Kingdom Will Burn

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Band: Thy Kingdom Will Burn
Title: Thy Kingdom Will Burn
Label: Scarlet Records
Release date: 18 June 2021
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Alright, this week I had in my hand something that was exactly to my own preference! When a Finnish band within the melodic death metal genre releases a new album, of course, I am going to be all over it.

“The Awakening” was the first in line, which was a completely true intro song. It contains that Finnish folky touch, and the sound quality was promising. Building up throughout the hype was surely up for the rest of the album. “Alone I Stand” had more of a thrashy state to it with a thick riff and heavy sounding drums. It was like a mix of Testament, Pantera, and At The Gates with a dash of Amon Amarth seasoning. Different from many other melodic death metal bands this is quite easy listening.

“Rise Against” takes a bit more drastic turn and could even BE Amon Amarth, sounding even more like them than they do themselves…if that makes sense. Although the vocals are not as deep and growly as those of Mr. Hegg, it is exactly that which thankfully gives this group its own identity, but they do live up to their soundalikes. “The Black River” has all melodic death elements one could ever want and all the yeses. The vocals are more traditional here; however, I would be lying if I said they sounded awesome. However, as the main melody and the growly screams come in you’re totally sold.

“Through the Storm” brings Nightwish to come, although, that might be just because they are also from Finland. The wind and bombastic string keyboard and orchestrated backing really brought on that reminded, but it is a sure thing that this track can produce brutal, blasting metal as well as more thoughtful stuff. It is an admirable thing to be able to combine both of these worlds without leaving the core formula too much.

“Season of Sorrow” includes verse played with blast beat and aggressive vocals along with melodic guitars after the intro was more wavy and flowy which they then go back to. The chorus is a pure hit music territory, and you can sing along as it goes…almost. A little predictable, yet very good.

There are so many things I could say about each and every 10 track on this album but I of course only have so much space to praise things. This is a very good album, to say the least. Is it original? Not by a thousand miles, but, it borrows a lot from well known bands in the same genre without going to the extent of losing its own identity. And these guys sure know how to write music. The performance is spot on, and when its heavy, its HEAVY.

A very strong debut from this Finnish constellation. 8.5/10 Julia Katrin



8.5/10 To greatness and glory!
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