Eisenkult – Von Himmel, hoch herab (From Heaven, High Down

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Band: Eisenkult
Title: Von Himmel, hoch herab (From Heaven, High Down)
Country: Germany
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 7 June 2021
Format Reviewed: high quality digital recording

Here is Eisenkult, with their second full-length album, “Von Himmel, hoch herab” which follows a year later their debut album “Gedenken wir der Finsternis”. Before I get too far into this, I wanted to point out that this three member band are a busy trio, splitting their time from their other current bands, specifically, Cerunnos of Meuchelmord (which I had the pleasure to review), Hohenstein, and Pesthammer (to name a few other bands he is in); Valfor of Mavorim, Totenwache and Slagmark (again to name a few of the bands he takes part in); and “P” also of Mavorim. My point is, that somehow these three individuals have found more time to create yet another amazing band, and I for one, can’t wait to dig in and hear what they have done in “Eisenkult”.

First track is “Einklang” (Unison), intro is a technical sounding keyboard, sounding like a distant event is coming.

The second is “Ein leib, ein Feuer” (One body, One Fire), grabbing on with guitar and drum duos that energize, and give the pulse of the song. Long extended roar, to kick off the vocals, and battle between frenetic drumming style and guitars that keep the energized pace alive. One surprising note in this is a small taste of clean harmonies that emphasize their lyrical theme.

The third is, “Ein Brunnen voller aas” (A Well Full of Carrion), tremolos, toned to a slower beat, the vocal is tinged in a sadness (to me), but very effective in reaching the power already present in the vocal. If not mistaken, I hear two different singers on this, and the mixing of their styles is very good. Drums in this is more about keeping a beat going, letting the guitar that keep feeding the tone of song, and the vocalists take over and carry it to its completion.

Fourth is “Wie es drohnt und wie es schallt” (How it booms and how it resounds) austere organ sound of keyboards, followed by clean harmonies in vocals, with the austere mood further enhanced.

Fifth is “Eisenkult” (Iron Kult), beginning in church bells and guttural vocals, next we dive into hard-driving drums and tremolos, energizing, and rapid. Vocals remind me of the death metal growling, meeting black screaming, again it works so well with the rest of the instruments.

Sixth is “Brutal und furchtlos Stumpf” (Brutal and fearlessly blunt), begins in a technical keyboard, with a positive sound in the keys, and wow to the vocal which is long guttural reach. Instruments remind me of a progressive sound in this, and the guitar and drum work is thrashy.

Seventh, “Totenglocke” (Death Knell), slower speed of guitar and drums, to a faster tempo of both. Singing is strong and compelling.

Eighth is “Wir klagen deiner Wunder” (We complain of your wounds), this has a beautiful uplifting mood on the keyboard to start with. Following is a strong force of black metal vocals, tremolo guitars, and speed drums. This is the stellar track. All the components of black metal “on fire” sound compilation.

Track Nine, “Vom Himmel hoch herab” (From Heaven high down), another stellar taste of their style of black metal.

The tenth track is, “Ausklang”, (Finale), a send-out track, a return to the somber keyboard technical notes, that hey if all you heard was the intro track and this one, you’d be wondering about what kind of band is this. Trust me the rest of the album including these tracks was an exploration of great music, definitely black metal with some change-ups in the style of guitar and vocals.

I was very pleased to explore this work and also glad I knew a little bit about some previous works from certain band members. Nothing takes away from this album, or the previous one, both are very strong and very listenable. 8/10 Metal Marie



8/10 To greatness and glory!
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