The Inferno Doll #Streaming

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Fantasy. Dark romance. Bloodsucking creatures of the night.

What’s not to love about The Inferno Doll?

Vocalist and songwriter Laura Vargas brings her demonic side to life in this solo project, which is on the eve of sharing the sophomore studio release “Sacrifice”. This 4-track EP is a follow-up to 2015’s highly regarded album “Dollmination” a complex tale of a woman who wakes up one morning to discover the alter ego that had been sleeping inside her has awoken and taken her hostage. The battle between them for the body rages throughout the musical storyline, as each entity struggles for dominance. Who will win? Is the doll the enemy? Or the woman herself? Or… Both?

“Sacrifice” continues this otherworldly tale, relating the story of The Inferno Doll’s years of silence. She’s being awakened and summoned by a High Priestess that controls the element of fire and gives her another chance to live in this world. As a result, this new EP is darker, more atmospheric, and theatrical than what has been presented in “Dollmination”. Incorporating the Greek bouzouki work of experimental musician Dawn Howard, as well as the input of her producer Gabriel Hidalgo, Vargas serves up a hard-edged yet romantic soundscape. Anjey Boruta’s macabre artwork, inspired by a nightmare Vargas had during the making of the album, ties it all together.

But The Inferno Doll is far from Vargas’s first foray into heavy music. Originally hailing from Chile, she fronted the popular alternative band Sacramento from 2008-2015, sharing the stage with Theatre of Tragedy and Within Temptation as well as performing at Chile’s inaugural edition of The Metal Fest in 2012. Vargas was also part of Eve’s Apple, a global community of female singers, and was proud to perform with them at Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium in 2013.

Now relocated to Calgary, Canada, Vargas is bringing her musical vision to the next level. Inspired by horror movies, gothic literature, the legend of Dracula, and bands like Devil Doll and Theatres Des Vampires, “Sacrifice” will surely solidify The Inferno Doll‘s place in the worldwide underground scene as a dramatic, creative, and boundary-pushing act.


*note: The Dollmination remix is only available on the CD version.

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