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“But I can´t sing“ – „I know you can, just do it“

This weird conversation marks the very first step of forming Ylva de Lune.

Not fitting in one genre, Ylva de Lune takes different parts of various genres, like Blackgaze, Shoegaze, Post Black Metal and Doom Metal, to create a new way of blending them together. Clearly influenced by bands like Alcest, Swallow the Sun or Cult of Luna, they always find their own sound to make “Ylva de Lune” unique.

A mixture of haunting clean vocal melodies in English and French with thriving guitar and distorted bass lines creates an atmospheric, yet powerful ambience.

In Germany in early summer 2020, Alpha, with over 20 years of experience as a musician in several bands, saw potential in the voice of Ylva and encouraged her to record the vocals for their first song, “By the Sea”. When the song was mixed, mastered, and published on YouTube, it was obvious, that an album would follow.

“I“ was recorded between summer 2020 and spring 2021 and is planned to be digitally released on the 30th of June 2021 through Bandcamp.

Ylva: Vocals and lyrics
Alpha: Songwriting, Bass&Guitar, recording, mixing, and mastering

Quick sound reference:
Ylva de Lune – Les Ombres du Monde
Ylva de Lune – Crown of Shadows
Ylva de Lune – The Purpose of Light

“I“ (2021)
Ylva de Lune – I – on YouTube
Ylva de Lune – I – on Bandcamp (Release 30.06.21)

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