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Herr Nox has unleashed his new album Where Shadows Fade on vinyl. The album is out now digitally on all streaming platforms and features guest appearances from Lindsay Schoolcraft and Jørgen Munkeby of Norway’s SHINING.

Watch the video for the album’s single “Black Butterfly” Here

Herr commented about the video:“I’m really excited to release this new video for the song Black Butterfly! It is a visual exploration of the Lynchian psyche, where dreams and nightmares meet with a strange fascination for one another.”

Lindsay also said “I love how Herr Nox finds a way to combine the old and new elements of gothic music while making it his own. I was honored when he asked me to sing on his track. That song is still stuck in my head months later. He is the Bowie of our time and worth checking out if you haven’t yet.”

Order the vinyl and purchase the digital: https://herrnox.bandcamp.com/

About Herr Nox:

From dreamy to heavy, Herr Nox is offering a dark blend of alternative music held together by melodic hooks and emotional vocals. His second album, WHERE SHADOWS FADE, will be released February 26th 2021 on a “Golden” colored vinyl (sold on Bandcamp exclusively) and everywhere digitally.

While the sound of this new album ventures into more organic territories than its 2018 predecessor “Stargazer”, the lyrics push further into dystopian themes and long for an empathetic revolution. “Where Shadows Fade” also features international guests Jørgen Munkeby (Shining, Ihsahn, Emperor) and Lindsay Schoolcraft (ex-Cradle of Filth, Antiqva). Whether it is the Bowie-like influences, the Robert Smith-sounding guitars, or the deep metal growls sprinkled here and there, Herr Nox maintains a genuine and cohesive sound that will please fans of multiple genres and musical eras.


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