Nuclear Revenge – Dawn of the Primitive Age

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Band: Nuclear Revenge
Title: Dawn of the Primitive Age
Label: Awakening Records
Release date: 24 April 2021
Country: Basque Country (Spain)
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Warning! By listening to this album, you may end up with serious neck injuries. So, take it at your own risk. Ouch. And with that said, let me introduce the band to you all…

Nuclear Revenge is a Blackened Thrash Metal band from the Basque Country in Spain, members are 24-26 years old, and their first demo is from 2013, which means they were teenagers when they started it. Well, only two of them are in the band since the beginning: Cryptic Molestor (vocals and guitars) and Speedhammer (drums). Pestilence Breeder (guitars) and Skullreaper (bass) are the newest ones (how I love their nicknames!), and they all form the lineup for their second full-length, “Dawn of the Primitive Age”, a massive 38 minutes long Thrash brutal assault. Once I entered there wasn’t anywhere to escape, and no need to do it: I instantly jumped into that hole to enjoy the classic and powerful sound they provide.

First two tracks reminds you instantly the German Thrash Metal scene from the 80s, with those riffs and the sick raspy and blackened vocals. But not in terms of rawness: production of “Dawn of the Primitive Age” is clear, with an obscure tone but clear. 

In the middle of the third song “March of the Undead”, there’s a fantastic passage of Black Metal full of atmosphere that blew me away the first time I listened to it, and every time this song is about to start I’m eagerly waiting for it!

Sometimes I focus in a sole instrument, and if I talk about drums, I must say that “Proclaimed Among the Wicked” is a brutal exhibition of continued wildness. “Dust” is another savage track where Speedhammer really stands out: after a soft intro, there’s no room for breath at all the following four minutes. And the end of this song is pure frenzy, strings and drums building together a crazy mashed Speed Thrash finale, along with a few barked screams… wow!

And I love how the bass stands out at the beginning of “Dawn of the Primitive Age” and in “Eyes of Revelations”, always great bringing this instrument in the front at some points! “Eyes of Revelations” deserves a highlight, it starts in a soft way, with an outstanding bass passage and some storm sounds, until it explodes and the rough vocals makes its appearance and take control of the ride along with high speed drums.

Towards the end of this kick-ass album I was knocked by “Everlasting Void”, with those brutal riffs that still resonate in my head, and the crazy guitar solo. 

The guys in Nuclear Revenge are here to bring destruction and madness all around. They are young, fierce and perfectly capable of that. And they accomplish it by dragging everybody around into a swirl of neck breaking mayhem spiral. Check it for yourself. 8/10 Sílvia


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8/10  To greatness and glory!
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