Forsmán – Dönsum í logans ljóma

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Band: Forsmán
Title: Dönsum í logans ljóma
Label: Ván Records
Release date: 09 April 2021
Country: Iceland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Forsmán is a Black Metal band from Iceland, formed in 2019 and they’ve just released their debut EP, “Dönsum í logans ljóma” (which means “Dance in the glow of the flames”, thank you Google translator!), four tracks with that distinctive sound. Yes, Icelandic Black Metal has something that makes it different from bands hailing from other Nordic countries. At least that’s my perception. Maybe is due to their isolation and the particular sound of their language. I definitely love exploring bands from that country.

And in this case, what a pleasant surprise! Forsmán delivers high-quality Black Metal with a clear production, being their sound melodic and with a melancholic background. There are also some dissonant and “chaotic” aspects that can be noticed all through the album but in a good sense, because it makes the songs more dynamic and even devastating. 

The guitar tone evokes icy and bleak landscapes, with plenty of tremolo and repetitive melodies, creating a fantastic bewitching effect. Drums are skillfully played, they have an urge to sound faster at times, which contributes perfectly to that effect. There are also passages with more calm tempos allowing to breathe for a while, just before being dragged to the black spiral again. Bass is really audible, how not to love it? I was listening to “Vonarglæta” repeatedly just to get kicked by that fantastic bass section! And vocals… those deep growls that are unintelligible snarls sometimes, adding an extra roughness to the whole thing, are simply what this musical journey needed.

This debut EP deserves all my attention! And I’m sure this is just the beginning…  8,5/10  Sílvia


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8.5/10 To greatness and glory!
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