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Surely it cannot be Tuesday again already, can it?

Although our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman do not know entirely how fast time flies or even what day it might be, they are however fully aware of what is coming our way this week and are back once more, as always, with another article in our Underground Update series.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Event: Slay at Home

This coming Friday, April 23rd, Slay at Home festival returns with members of Vital Remains, Scale the Summit, Darkest Hour and of course more! As we have mentioned this before, Slay at Home is organized by Frank Godla of Metal Injection in an effort to fundraise donations to the two charities MusiCares and Global Giving. You can watch it live here, of course free, powered by Dunable Guitars, and of course you can head over here for any further information you may need.

Band: Insomnium

It is about time the Finnish metal giants of Insomnium made another live stream! Although some technical difficulties had minimal effect on their last live stream it was nevertheless a huge success and now the group plans to do it all over again…minus the difficulties. This coming Saturday, April 24th, an 80 minute long performance of Shadows of the Dying Sun and then some will take place, and of course you can watch it as many times as you´d like for 72 hours afterwards. According to a fan poll made by the band, Shadows of the Dying Sun was voted the number one fan-favorite Insomnium album of all time, and so, the band will deliver. Head over here for further information on time tables, as well as get your tickets secured and make sure to check out the bundles available!

Label: Loud Rage Music

Romania’s Loud Rage Music have an offer running for the rest of the month that’s not to be taken lightly: free worldwide standard airmail shipping (untracked) on all orders over €10. As the label states “Just select the Free Shipping option during check-out and you’re all set. For Registered shipping (with tracking number) just add 5 Euro extra to your total amount and mention it in the Comments Box during check-out.” Is there any record buyer out there who hasn’t been brutally stung by the cost of international postage? Head over to the label’s bandcamp page to check out their music and merch.

Band: Gnaw Their Tongues

The one-man auditory nightmare of Gnaw Their Tongues is regularly terrifying with its black metal noise horor. That’s surely true of the 2006 debut “Spit at Me and Wreak Havoc On My Flesh”. There’s a special edition vinyl pressing you can get hold of here if you’re quick and you want to scare your neighbours (and yourself).

Band: Gangrened

Finland’s Gangrened released their first record in 2013 and not so long after disappeared for a good few years. “Deadly Algorithm” is the band’s first in seven years and pulls together doom and sludge and heavy atmospherics. The album is out now and limited vinyl copies are still available, as well as a cool looking 6 panel digipak CD on the band’s bandcamp page. 

Band: Anatomia

Japan’s Anatomia have been spewing out death/doom metal for over 15 years and on May 20th the band’s latest album “Corporeal Torment” will be released on Me Saco Un Ojo Records (a very fine underground metal label worth following). There are two vinyl editions you can get hold of here and a preview track from the album below that should give you an idea of the kind of nastiness in store from the rest of the album, with some of the deepest toadlike vocals since Demilich.

Band: Human Failure

Caligari Records proudly promote themselves as a home of “harsh and unlovable music” and goodness me! forthcoming release “Krown on the Head of a King of Mud”, the debut of US one man extreme metal/ noise band Human Failure indeed sounds from the preview track like a ghastly, gruesome child, but to speak plainly: damn that’s fucking intense. Sounds like some kind of party. Treat yourself to a limited 10” vinyl copy here on preorder with the release date May 7th.

By now we do hope that spring has sprung, wherever you may be located, but with that comes another disappointment. We have noticed that more and more festivals and shows are being cancelled or pushed back again to next year and all we can really do is sit back and accept that. Of course all standard rules still apply; wash the horns, satanize the horns, mask the faces, and so let us all continue our road ahead as we have so far and continue to take advantage of the virtual streams and merchandise made available for us, in order to support the artists that continue to struggle.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**