Troll Mother Streaming

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Troll Mother is a two-piece from the south coast of England compromising of Derg on drums and Roman on guitar. We start our journey with the first EP ‘Forest Child’ released through Skeleton Eyes Records. Here we began our storytelling, through a mixture of metal styles, from sludge to black metal, prog and doom. In the mix, we have narrations and sound effects to create our audiobook style of music.

Times have now changed, its a new era and Troll Mother is advancing. How far can two people push it? As two best friends grow as people, so does the realm of which they have created. Expanding their musical abilities whilst thickening the plot. The Unholy Demo showcases such kingdom that they do invision and for you to perceive in your own manor. You are therefore cordially invited to this short visit and to participate in Troll Mothers Unholy Demo.

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.