Valosta Varjoon – Das Flammenmeer

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Band: Valosta Varjoon
Title: Das Flammenmeer
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: 21 March 2021
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Sometimes a zone is found, one in which you completely give yourself over to the music & the instruments.  It cuts through your mind, releasing you for a moment, to enjoy.  It’s hard to explain exactly what each of us gets from metal, but suffice it to say, if you need a place to just immerse into brutally beautiful, raw vocals, killer guitars and drums, atmosphere, rage,  melancholy, & finally, uplifting mood-enhancing tracks, then “Das Flammenmeer” is the album to chance on surprise.  I was so surprised by this album, and happily so. 

The band took their name from the Finnish words, Valosta Varjoon, which translates to:  from the light into the shadow.  They are a relatively new band, of two members- V.V., who sings and plays many instruments and Sturmwolf, guitar.  They began in 2016, releasing a demo in 2017, two split albums (2018 and 2019), and two full-length albums, one in 2019 and this year’s gem.  I think this album could be one that makes it to many a metal head’s playlist, I know that my ever expanding play list of music just got bigger with the addition of this album. 

Some comparison bands to Valosta Varjoon, where you might hear some influences of sound, could be found in Nachtig, Satanic Warmaster, Wolve’s Winter, and Viha Surma.  Either way, of who they might be sounding like, they have chiseled out their own place amongst the black metal bands of newer beginnings.  Let the feeling in the music into your ears and further transport you to escapes of mind. 

The first track, “Das Flammenmeer” meaning, “The Sea of Flames”, begins in rapid rainfall sound bite, with a marching band (yes!) a marching band recording gaining in more pronounced volume. Not what I was expecting, and I love that! Cutting to a harsh primal scream, and black metal biting down hard.  This track then slays with stellar vocals, guitars, and relentless speed drums.  

The second track, “Abschaum”, meaning, “Scum”, begins in another difference in guitar variation, much slower and almost off rhythm sounding. Very effective.  Vocals charge in and relent, letting the instruments take center stage.  The third track, “Ruinen”, meaning “Ruins”, unique tone of guitar and drums that works very well.  Building atmospheres, and energetic rhythms. 

The fourth track, “Gspusi”. Drops into a cold hate-filled tone in guitar, a mood of fury. Vocals are savage in this, hitting deep and more hate.  There is something so filling in mood and music like this, your mind absorbs. 

The fifth track, “Die Dunklen Reiter”, meaning “The Dark Riders”, jumps into tremolos right off the start. A beautiful melancholic mood is reached with them.  The sixth track, “Unbekannte Wege”, meaning “Unknown Ways”, is a mood track, where the sounds become heartbeats.  Vocals unleash the shackles of your mind and your journey to places unknown.  The feeling in this is immense. 

Track seven, “Der Krahtentisch”, meaning “The Crow Table”, picks up as a continuation of Track six, but with more cold-edged guitar and vocal.  To me, absolutely beautiful.  Energized riffing, and frenzied drums, with singing that is filled with emotion.  Midway, a slower tempo is introduced, and the song becomes introspective.I was so surprised by this album, the way it was put together, the variance of sound, the mood and trueness of black metal guitars, drums, and vocals.  Very impressed with the album as a whole.

Give this band a try, and let the unknown take you places.  8.5/10 Metal Marie



8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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