BAZ AOTY: 2020

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Oh my. So many damn good releases during this year. Where should I start? To be honest? I really don’t know. Many bands released so damn good albums. Bands like Temple of Void, Dawn Of Solace, Nauthik, Konvent, Marrasmieli, The Suns Journey Through The Night, Kvaen, Corrupted Saint, Heretical Sect, Lament, Children of Technology, Kammarheit, Anachitis, Undergang, Demoniac, Oldblood, Warkvlt, Ende, Khors, Nebula Orionis, Gelkhammar, La Mer, Wounds of Recollection, Okrütnik, Iron Angel, Kratzer, Marthe, Empire Of The Moon, Grievance, Thy Black Blood, Avlid, Adersarius, Livløst, Leda Spiridon, Dekira, Sattyg, Dommendag, Levendbleed, Akhlys, Æolian, Abigor, Emyn Muil, Havukruunu and many many many, and many other bands helped us to continue this year to listen to some very good music.

But of course some touched me much more and not all will be mentioned here. But I could mention above, but then, the space on this article would be huge. So, In no particular order, my list is right bellow.

Band: Reign / Rulum
Title: The Occult
Label: Repose Records
Release date: 20 November 2020
Country: England

Very good split album with two very good English bands.

Band: Anderwelt
Title: 2084
Label: Electric Fire Records
Release date: 20 November 2020
Country: Austria

This band surprised with the quality of their own music. I still cant describe correctly their own music style.

Band: No Life Code
Title: Maldoror’s Metamorphosis
Label: Ukem Records (U.K.) / Death Portal Studio (USA)
Release date: 14 November 2020
Country: Spain

Almost on the end of the year I got this promo. Man. I was really honored to review it.

Band: Elffor
Title: Unholy Throne of Doom
Label: Repose Records
Release date: 06 September 2020
Country: Basque Country- Spain

I know this band almost since the beginning. And always released good music, and this one, no exception.

Band: Horde Of Hel
Album: Döden nalkas
Label: Blooddawn Productions
Release date: 30 September 2020
Country: Sweden

I dont have anything against this amzing album. So damn good. Really. So damn good.

Band: Vananidr
Titled: Damnation
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release 24 January 2020
Country: Sweden

With this album I had eargasms. Yep. So damn good, all the album.

Band: Gloosh
Title: Timewheel / The River
Label: Independent
Release date: 29 February 2020 / 03 July 2020
Country: Russia

Yes. Two releases in the same place. Both from this very good band.

Band: Asarhaddon
Title: Reysa
Label: Geisterasche Organisation
Release date: 29 February 2020
Country: Germany

This band was another very good surprise for me. The atmosphere on the album…

Band: Afsky
Title: Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
Label: Vendetta Records
Release date: 12 May 2020
Country: Denmark

When I heard this album I was so pleased with the quality on it.

Band: Sunken
Title: Livslede
Label: Vendetta Records
Release date: 18 September 2020
Country: Denmark

Amazing release from this band. The music is so damn good.

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