Adliga – Kali Paciace Nieba

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Band: Adliga
Title: Kali Paciace Nieba
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: 01 December 2020
Country: Belarus
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Lately this particular writer has been quite inactive, struggling to only get the basic things done, but as the days pass so does the dust settle, and I have finally been able to somewhat get back on track. Hopefully, that continues down the road.

So, Adliga has released their first EP and from what I can see, their first released material overall. “Kali Paciace Nieba” also has some weird letters in it that I couldn’t write, but nevertheless the most enjoyable work.

“Vandrounik” is the first in line of the five track EP, and starts the work in quite the powerful way with a nice melancholic feel. The post-doom feeling comes instantly like a wall of sound, washing over the listener. I’ve always felt like music that has “post” in front of the genre should sound pure and true, if that makes sense. Naked, even. The vocals, handled by a female, has a lot of melody to it, infused with attitude which makes the sense of struggle and despair shine through. The folky touch is also a great way to give the music a storytelling feel. “Nakanavanne” follows up, instrumental piece which sounds like a transition between the first and third track. it builds towards what comes next in quite the eerie way.

Title track, “Kali Paciace Nieba” is the next in line. Starting out in a slow fashion with a steady drumbeat along with clean and melodic guitars, it soon builds up to more pummeling sound which turns distorted. The vocals are quite powerful and turn to an even more musical sound this time, a bit more on the opera side. “Buravesnik” also appears as a transitional track, just like the second one although quite a bit longer, and it’s rather impressive how it has been managed to use the transitional tracks to glue the whole work together.

“Boj” is the last in line, and once more the vocals work well with the music, now more on the distant scream side. The leading word of how it all sounds is refined despair and agony, even if it peaks a tiny little bit of hope in all the frustration and anger.

Some music tells stories well, and this is absolutely within that range, even if I had no idea what the lyrics were about. All elements for a good post-doom album are here, so this EP is very promising. This group has managed to give their work a ton of local mystique and folky touch with a sense of melody without becoming too overwhelming for the listener. Very well done, very well indeed. 9/10 Julia Katrin



9/10 : Epic Storm!
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