Fadheit – Inhaling The Trauma

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Band: Fadheit
Title: Inhaling The Trauma
Label: Putrid Cult
Release date: 09 December 2020
Country: Poland
Format Reviewed: High-Quality Digital Promo

Fadheit is a two-piece band consisting of Murukh, drums, and Selbstmord, vocals, and guitars. They push this album forward as depressive black metal, and I must say, the instruments are beautifully tragic, with long echoey segments, vocals are bleak, giving that blunted rage effect. Both efforts of instruments and vocals compliment and further take the listener on a journey into dark thoughtfulness and silent bleeding, the remains of life, regrets, and struggles.

“Nikt juz nie przyjdzie” , translates to “No one will come anymore”, as first track and the intro. Atmospheric, sounds of the guitar strings being gripped by fingers, to a progressive guitar style, vocals coming in with echoing screams. A plateau is reached mid track, with the atmosphere, and whispered spoken words. Wow, at near the end, the riffs pick up in tempo and literally pound out a rhythm, with drums counterpounding in balance. As intro, great first taste of the album.

“2017-Jak Kazdy inny” translates to “2017- Like everyone else”, this too is so melancholic, guitar and drums build that mood, then, vocals come in screaming and guttural. Ahhh, this really incapulates the depressive feel. Slower tempo, and the feeling intensifies, a hopelessness. Beautifully crafted.

“Ruhe”– Soft melancholic, interlude. The simple treatment of guitar in this makes a bridge for the next track.

“Na twoja twarz pluje”, translates to “it spits on your face”, drums kick it off, with heavy guitar riffs. Vocals are rage building, a yelling of intensity. Slower paced, accentuating the already bleak mood of vocals. Soon, guitars pick up in tempo, drums are slowly building and that vocal is full of feeling.

“Warte mal” translates to “wait a moment”, a keyboard effect in the beginning, showing more variety of sound. Another interlude.

“Euphoria of Self-Destruction”, grabs, with guitar riffs, not a typical black metal sound to this in the beginning. A driving force of energies, drums rhythmic, bringing oppressive relentlessness to this track. Following all the relentless is a whispered portion, tragic, sad and beautiful. Ending is black metal rage, black metal style of guitar playing, to a fading echo.

“Noch Leben”, translates to “still live”, this is that echoey beginning, guitar picked slowly, to an extended high pitched scream. Echoing screams building on top of each other, very intense vocal. To me this feels as hopeless and angry. Like an ongoing train of brutal betrayal, those screams translate.

“XII – idziesz tam. tak trzeba”, translates to “XII – you go there. You have to”, wow, soft, melodious guitar. A brief interlude.

“F13.2”, clean whispered vocal. Wow, yes, I’ve said this alot, but the skill of guitar, vocal and drums really create a tone of depression in this, but as a person who enjoys this mood in music, I find it well executed. Just the emotion in the vocal carries so much strength.

“Exhaling the Trauma”, title track, has the whispers, partly spoken, accompanying slow guitar riffs, almost a delicate feeling to this track. More introspective. Screamed vocal, and echoes hold the place in this track. This has that quality of darkness, looking for a small break in the clouds.

Without knowing all I can about this band, they nail their chosen genre of depressive black metal. Solid work on guitars and drums with vocals varying from guttural, to screamed, to whispered and clean. If sometimes you need an album to take you into a darker state of mind, and if you are ok with that mood, then this is for you. I give 7/10 Metal Marie



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