Raised By Owls

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Do they know its scream-mas at all!? well, they will now!

Remember the painful torture of that faux song done in the 80s featuring Bob Geldof and various vampiric super rich celebrities/musicians?Well, the comedic grind band Raised By Owls (OBVIOUSLY) proudly presented ‘Metal Band Aid 2020’ with a very METAL and ridiculous rendition of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’.. and yes, it’s as mental and brilliant as it sounds!

They are donating ALL proceeds from the song to Crisis (https://www.crisis.org.uk/), a UK based charity working to help fight homelessness all year round and not just Christmas time.

Download and donate here: https://raisedbyowls.bandcamp.com/

This cover features 50 vocalists from 45 bands, get ready for this eclectic crazy bunch..  Street Soldier,  Benediction,  Memoriam, Bolt Thrower,  Serrabulho,  Beyond Your Design,  Raging Speedhorn,  PaRtY-CaNnOn,  Evil Scarecrow, Ten Foot Wizard,  Massacre, Slugdge, FOETAL JUICE,  Abduction, Grimorte,  Nekrogoblikon,  Vulvodynia,  Basement Torture Killings,  Countless Skies,  Footprints In The Custard,  DIVINE CHAOS, I Saw The World Burn, This Is Turin,  Ashen Crown,  Embodiment,  MORTISHEAD,  Impavidus,  Brianblessed,  Bloodthread ,  Underdark, Hellfekted, Pemphigoid,  Mad Spanner,  Sodomized Cadaver,  Democratus,  Helgrind,  Incursion,  Anakim,  The Crawling,  Total Consumption,  Devastator,  Oncology,  Bleating Apocalypse,  Boycott The Baptist,  Reaper UK,  Chestburster…

Proving that it takes the worst year in metal and live music history for us to come together from our genre gatekeeping/prevention towers and band together as one for a good cause! Maybe this year may have taught us something? probably not.

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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