BAZ Underground Updates XXXVII

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As it draws even closer to the holidays, out writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman continue ever so faithfully to bring you the latest news and information for activities, merchandise, and music, and we hope that these days you will find moments to forget (although safely) about the ongoing pandemic, and see the beauty in everyday experiences like lights, decorations, presents, and of course, metal.

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Enslaved

Coming December 19th and 20th, Enslaved plans to live stream all three parts of the Cinematic Summer Tour in one sitting. Streaming on the Revolver Magazine Facebook page, it will include a live Q&A afterwards and the show will include Chronicles of the Northbound, Below the Lights as well as Utgard – The Journey Within. This very special Winter Solstice 2020 celebration will underline the fact that afterwards, the day will start to become longer, and we will see more and more daylight with every day passing. On the 20th of December, the entire live stream will be repeated on the band´s YouTube channel, and of course we would like to remind you of the group´s new album Utgard, which was released last October.

Band: Awakening

So, as we have been following the Metal Afternoon series it is only appropriate that we announce Awakening as they will perform, for absolutely free, this coming Sunday the 20th of December. Hosted by Slanted Glass Production, Moncton Show Events and MEDIAhub Moncton, this will surely be a treat to enjoy on the last day of advent. Check here for further information, timetables and everything else you might need to know!

Label: Black Lion Records

Never shy of an eye-catching deal, Extreme Metal lebal Black Lion Records have a great Christmas offer that runs all the way through December. First of all, there’s a whopping 50% off using the code blacklion50, and if that’s not enough, they’re running name your price on digital and it’s buy 2 get one free (just write in the check out box what free CD you want). So it’s a perfect time to delve into the delights of the label’s catalogue, such as releases from Æolian, Desolator and Nemesium. Check out what’s on offer here and below is a sample of what you can expect.

Band: Baxaxaxa

Just out last week on Iron Bonehead Productions, it will take no time at all to realise that “Devoted to HIM” is as infernal and satanic in tone as the title might suggest. So if you’re on the lookout for some raw, evil Black Metal, this 7” EP by Germany’s Baxaxaxa might be just what you’re after. Check out the vinyl editions on offer here and compromise your eternal soul by listening to the sample below.

Band: White Ward

A standout noirish Black Metal release from last year, Ukranian’s White Ward have just released a 3rd vinyl pressing of their 2nd album “Love, Exchange, Failure”. The album comes in a very sexy looking gatefold electric blue double vinyl and there’s a bunch of other formats and related merch you can check out here. If you haven’t heard the record yet, give your head a shake and rectify that immediately with the sample track below.

Band: Kultika

We seem to be going heavy on Black Metal this week. The latest offering is the just announced new album by Romania’s Kultika. Judging from the preview track, which you can listen to below, the band have moulded a huge, grand, atmospheric sound for this their second album. “Capricorn Wolves” will be released on January 11th next year, and you can snap up a copy of the extremely limited vinyl (only 100 copies!) here (as well as CD and digital versions) from Loud Rage Music.

Every day we hear increased news of different companies producing multiple vaccines for the monster that has raised such havoc this year and taken away from us the enjoyment of live music. Those days will soon be over, and we can return to our activities and desires as we did before. But until then, keep yourself occupied safely, and remember to also enjoy the holidays with your families and loved ones. Who knows which one of your close ones desperately needs a fancy band shirt or a fabulous new vinyl!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

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