Dark Doom – Mourning’s End

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Band: Dark Doom
Album: Mourning’s End
Label: Self-Released
Released: 01 November 2020
Country: Derby, UK
Format: CD Promo

Dark Doom unlike their name suggesting isn’t doom metal but what it is in fact dark and doomy metal crossing various genres! are you confused? Yes? Well, let’s move on! Hailing from Derby, UK Dark Doom is a one-man band and the focus of creative input and vision is evident in this fantastically crafted and well-executed record taking you on a dark and mesmerizing journey through ups, downs and headbanging nailing that perfect blend of atmospheres, groove, and melody.

This album is by far the best album Dark Doom has released! The musicianship and creative vision Alex has is something to be admired as his ability is matched by his incredible songwriting, this is shown on track 2 “The Cosmic Realm Awaits” mixing groove and atmospheric black metal and it does a treat and then into track 3 “Ancestorial Spirit” which is beautiful and serene and displays that depth and sorrow etc this certainly shows Alexs ability and shows it off.

The albums are consistent all the way through and even touching a folky mystical aspect in track 5 “Woods” but “March Of Glory” is much more of an assault on the senses and its chops up the formula so far which is a nice surprise, but the title track “Mourning’s End” comes in with synths, acoustic building into those amazing black metal peaks and valleys and shows that there could be even greater to come from dark doom yet! 7.5/10 Kieran


7.5/10 Victory is possible
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